4 simple tips for complete care of your drapes and curtains

Taking care of drapes and curtains

Curtains and drapes are both made for the same purpose, which is to cover windows and doors, add style, provide much needed privacy and comfort to your room. They also provide extra insulation to your room during summer and winter. While hanging over doors and windows, they attract dirt and dust. Dust that accumulates on your drapes takes away the shine and makes them look dull and dirty. Therefore, you need to take complete care of your drapes and curtains.

It is very important to clean your drapes on a regular basis to keep them in good condition.

Here are 4 simple but effective ways for complete care of your drapes:

Take care of dust build-up

Tips for vacuum cleaning curtains

Dust and dirt are unwanted irritants on your delicate drapes. The easiest way to avoid dust build-up is to vacuum clean them every month or so. Vacuum properly with a handheld vacuum and soft brush attachment. Always make sure that the embellishments if any, on the drapes are secure before starting vacuuming. (Image source: www.carlstvvacuum.com)

Protect from direct sunlight

Protect curtain from fading

Light colored fabrics generally reflect sunlight and resist fading. But sunlight can cause fading and damage to dark colored drapes. Take care of those curtains and drapes that face direct sunlight. Protect them from sun damage by using blinds and shades. This extra layer will absorb maximum sunlight and will protect your drapes from color fading. (Image source: www.houzz.com)

Wash them carefully

Tips to wash curtains and drapes

  • Always check the label on the material before washing and take into account the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines.
  • If you are unsure whether to hand wash or dry clean the drapes, test a small area first. Always go for professional cleaning for heavy and thick drapes.
  • Light fabric drapes like linen can be washed at home using a good quality detergent. Use cool water and mild detergent.
  • Take out all the hooks, trims and embellishments prior to washing as they may be non-washable or colorfast.
  • Do not home wash drapes if they have linings made of different material because one may shrink, causing other to hang poorly.
  • Go for dry clean if the draperies are large, heavy and fashioned with pleats. Machine wash or hand wash may not hold the shape of pleat.

(Image source: www.laundryservices.com.sg)

Iron them patiently

How to iron expensive curtain

If you are ironing your curtains or drapes at home, iron on the reverse side. To prevent any unwanted crease, iron the curtains before they dry completely. Reattach the hooks and embellishments and place the drapes back on the rail.  (Image source: www.designsponge.com)

(Cover image source: www.luxuryhomedecorations.com)

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