Which is better in liquid and powder detergent?

Washing clothes with detergent in washing machine
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Have you ever been confused about the liquid and powder detergent for your clothes? The conventional powder detergent has its promising history while the modern liquids have effective results as well. It is pretty obvious to struggle to choose the best between the two. However, the effectiveness of the detergent depends on various other factors like water quality, wash type, and fabric. Here is a simple guide to help you figure out which detergent to use between liquid and powder-

Liquid Laundry Detergent

woman putting liquid detergent in washer
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It is the best-suited laundry detergent for a cold water wash. the soluble molecules of the liquid detergent mix up with the water in no time and make it wash-ready.


  1. The detergent is completely dissolved in water without leaving any residue or leftover.
  2. Ideal for a limited load of wash.
  3. Liquid laundry detergent removes oil and grease from the clothes. Still, it doesn’t tarnish the quality.
  4. It is the best agent in class when it comes to spot cleaning.
  5. The bottle cap only allows a fixed amount of liquid for a wash. Hence, cost-efficient as well.
Our Pick

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  1. Liquid detergent is quite incompetent to clean a heavy load of clothes.
  2. The detergent is packed in plastic bottles. Hence, non-eco-friendly.
  3. Chemicals used in liquid detergent are stronger than powder detergent. Therefore, it has to be precisely used.

Powder Laundry Detergent

powder laundry detergent
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Liquid and powder detergent has a specific pH value to wash with water. A powder detergent is formulated on a high pH than the latter. Hence, It shows optimized results with hot and warm water.


  1. Washes heavy loads of clothes.
  2. Powder detergent is ideal for soiled clothes.
  3. Cheaper than the liquid detergent as far as per load cost is concerned.
  4. Shelf- life expectancy is longer than liquid detergent.
  5. There is no fixed amount for any load. The user is free to pour accordingly.

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  1. Highly prone to get damaged by water.
  2. Powder detergent often takes time to dissolve in cold water.
  3. Leaves residue on the fabric.

Expert’s suggestion on liquid and powder detergent-

The best in liquid and powder laundry detergent completely depends on the requirements. However, our experts recommend using a liquid detergent of premium quality for a daily wash of the clothes. You can use powder detergent for heavy loads like bedsheets and curtains.

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