The Best 4 Tips to Clean Your Mattress

The Best 4 Tips to Clean Your Mattress
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There’s something about a clean house, room or bed that makes us feel so good! Experts say that the tidiness sensation can do wonders for our psyche. But let’s face it: it’s the cleaning process that sometimes gives most of us headaches! That’s why it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

Nevertheless, there are a few tricks we can all put into practice to clean our mattresses and thus enjoy a great, healthy sleep night after night. For a comprehensive guide on mattress comparison, you can check out the websit for MyBestMattress. Additionally, here are some tips I think anyone should know and put to use as often as possible:

Regular vacuuming

To keep your mattress clean and fresh, try vacuuming it on a regular basis. Remove the bedding and use the upholstery brush for the top surface and the sides. By doing this, you will remove dust, dead skin cells and also dust mites. Make sure that you press firmly to draw the dirt out from the fabric. Vacuum the box spring as well, as much as you have access to it. Use your crevice tool to clean the quilting. And if you have a garment steamer, you can go over the mattress with it before starting vacuuming. This action helps remove dust mites as well.

Wipe out stains

Stains on a mattress can occur due to various situations: pets sleeping with you, children playing in your bedroom, your guilty pleasure of having a snack in bed and many more. The simplest way to remove them is to use specialized products designed for the job (such as an upholstery shampoo), especially since most such solutions also tackle odours. Just make sure not to over-wet the mattress and let it dry properly. You could also try an alternative cleaner called “dry suds.” Place 1/4 cup of liquid dishwashing solvent in a small mixer bowl, turn it on and add a few teaspoons of water, one at a time. The dish will fill with foam which you can use to rub the stained area on the mattress, gently, using a sponge or a flexible brush. According to, a wise idea would be to use mattress pads to absorb moisture and drops before reaching the mattress.

Control the allergens

Dust mites are a significant cause of allergies or allergic symptoms. They feed on our dead skin cells, usually found on the bed. One way to get rid of them (at least temporarily) is to wash your bedding in hot water as often as you can. The ideal situation calls for weekly washing of the sheets and pillowcases and a monthly wash for pillows and blankets. If you keep houseplants in the bedroom, it would be better to move them to another room. They bring insects, dust, and microbes. So do pets, which is why experts advise not to let them in our bedrooms.

Protect the mattress

A washable mattress cover is an excellent solution especially for people who don’t have a lot of time for the entire cleaning process. Modern mattress covers are made from resistant, waterproof materials and the top-notch products also have smart technologies embedded into them. If you choose to protect your mattress using a cover, you’ll just have to wash that item as often as possible.

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