Smartphone Specs: What Should Take Priority When Buying a Mobile?

With so many smartphones on the market, it can be very difficult to decipher which model is the best for you and your budget and everyday activities. Workspace needs will dictate the needs of many, while others have their mobiles for entertainment purposes. It’s all well and good if you can go straight in with the latest from Samsung or Apple, but sometimes, you can get a smartphone that does everything that you want it to and more at a much lower cost, as we strive to show here on Mr Right.

Once you’ve found a selection of models that you think will work for you, it’s good to then know which parts of the spec are more important to have as stronger than others, allowing you to rank your smartphone options. Here’s how you rank the most important specs of a smartphone when looking to buy a new mobile.

1. Battery Life

The battery life of your smartphone is the most important element as getting a mobile without at least reasonably good battery life means that you’ll quickly lose the device’s core appeal of being portable and convenient. When you look at the specs, the batteries will be shown as having so much mAh or milliampere hour, which details how much charge a battery can hold, but how the device runs can create a greater demand on the battery, so some 4000mAh batteries end up lasting longer than some 5000mAh batteries.

As your baseline, you’ll want at least a 4000mAh battery in your smartphone. For a more specific pick, the leading phone for battery life right now looks to be the newest Asus gaming model, the ROG Phone 6 Pro. Being designed for high-grade mobile gaming, the ROG Phone 6 Pro boasts a very high capacity battery of 6000mAh, greatly outlasting other leading devices like the iPhone 14 range.

2. Processor

With screen size, cameras, and battery life often atop the details list, and RAM being well known for its need to be strong in computers, the processor can often be overlooked. Still, it’s very important for mobile use. The little chip dictates how much information and how complex the calculations it runs can be. As such, those in the know seek the strongest processors like the A16 Bionic (Apple), Snapdragon 8, or Dimensity 9000. Your use of entertainment products, services, and apps on your smartphone will dictate how strong you want the processor to be.

Many are available via browsers, and so can be enjoyed on smartphones with weaker processors. This is the case for Betway users as the platform can be accessed from the dedicated app or mobile-optimized site. Through the latter, anyone can play games like Thunderstruck Stormchaser or the celebrity table games as long as the internet connection is strong enough. For video watching in HD via an app like YouTube or the free movie app BeeTV, you’ll likely want a processor that’s a bit more powerful – especially if you want to run complementary software such as to stream. Many people enjoy playing mobile app games in their spare time, and with a better processor, you’ll be able to unlock superior graphical fidelity.

3. RAM

Just as it’s vital in computing, RAM is also key to the power of your smartphone. Again, usage is key here as the more complex or high-fidelity activities that you need your smartphone for, the more RAM you’ll want. If you want your mobile predominantly for emails, calls, messaging, and social media, you can usually get away with 2GB of RAM. However, to maximize the quality of video playing, flicking between several apps, and mobile gaming apps, you’ll want to shoot for at least 4GB of RAM.

You’ll also need to keep on top of software updates as you would with smart TVs like the recommended TCL, but having more RAM from the start is a great way to keep your phone fast and user-friendly. As RAM is one of the more recognizable technical specs, many manufacturers lean into pumping up RAM to catch the eye. The Samsung Galaxy S22, OnePlus 6, and Huawei P30 have models with 8GB of RAM as well as heaps of memory, offering an excellent experience for users.

4. Build

Myths surrounding smartphone repairs have people wanting to avoid a break at all times, but if you buy a well-made smartphone and maybe also get some protective gear, a modern smartphone should last a good couple of years. The best smartphones have metal frames and often toughened glass, which is one of the reasons why the iPhone remains so popular even if its camera can be a bit fiddly to get to focus. Phones made from plastic and weak glass tend to break, so investing in a strong build is worth doing, or you could bulk up with a case from OtterBox.

So, the next time you’re looking at a few smartphones and can’t decide which one to get, rank the battery life, processor, RAM, and then the build above other elements of each model’s spec.

Author Bio

Sangeeta Singh is an English Honours graduate and writing is her passion. She likes covering topics around technology but in her free time, she likes writing action-packed mysteries. Her passion for blogging has driven her to take up writing in her leisure time to accompany her studies. 

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