Technology that enhances hygiene and safety – Hindware launches new ‘Easy Clean’ washbasins

COVID-19 has taken a huge toll on our lives and people have frantically become hygiene conscious whether they are out in the public or at home. We’ve seen a whole new range of innovative hygiene-based products launched within the last couple of years to provide a cleaner and germ-free environment to customers trying to keep infections and diseases at bay. A survey suggests that people touch their faces more than 20 times an hour on average. It includes contact with the eyes, nose, or mouth. That is why we must evolve to embrace a completely new approach to everything we do in our everyday lives starting with personal hygiene at home. And if you believe so too, then you’d be really excited to learn about an exciting new product launched by one of the largest and earliest players in the bathware segment – Hindware.

Hindware, the leaders in complete bathroom solutions recently unveiled a new range of countertop basins – ‘Easy Clean’, packed with breakthrough technology that exemplifies automation for hygiene and freshness. At the same event in New Delhi, they also announced the new range of shower enclosures in the bathware segment; aiming at providing an integrated solution enhancing customer convenience. These new products are in-line with people’s changing lifestyle habits, especially regarding hygiene. And will further bring elegance to bath environments at home, in hospitality, and in commercial settings.

The self-cleaning ‘Easy Clean’ wash basin

That’s right, a countertop wash basin that cleanses not only others but also itself. Talk about ‘self-hygiene’. As a brand, Hindware Italian Collection is focused on design and aesthetics but makes way for a new thought process built on innovation and technology.

Interesting, what’s the deal about this wash basin?

It’s not magic. Yet, it’s the simplest and fundamental requirement towards adopting the next step in personal hygiene we discussed. The Easy Clean is a self-clean wash basin with an auto-clean function that ensures the basin is clean and ready to go immediately for the next user. The wash basin will self-clean post every use, thus maintaining effortless bath-space hygiene, every single time. The basin is cleansed through the auto-clean feature that gushes water out through special inlet valves that rinses the entire basin once the user is done. With Easy Clean, Hindware Italian Collection looks to captivate consumers with their breakthrough technology in automation for hygiene and freshness.

Hindware Italian Collection claims the wash basin has been specially designed to enhance the hygiene quotient and indisputably enhance the design aura of your bathroom interiors. The size of the basin measures 59.5 cm x 45 cm x 16 cm, perfect to add that extra bit of glam to your bathroom while offering everything including functionality, durability, and quality the brand is known for, and then some.


Apparently, style and innovation are becoming more and more affordable. Easy Clean washbasins start at a price of INR Rs 14,450. The basin bears the Hindware Italian Collection logo ensuring style and quality that lasts.

Shower Enclosures by Hindware Italian Collection

Everyone desires to bathe in a shower enclosure but there has always been a belief that it is a luxury experience. The key concerns in terms of the adoption of shower enclosures were thoughts such as having to own large bathrooms. The Brand eyes to address all those pain points through their ready-to-install glass Shower Enclosure range, which can fit into even smaller or average-sized bathrooms. Shower enclosures immediately enhance the elegance and style of your bathroom by serving the functionality of segregating the wet area effectively and keeping the bathroom dry, clean, hygienic, germ-free, and safe.

Why Shower Enclosure

Shower Enclosures is a new product line move for Hindware but it’s also a highly fragmented industry with no clear leader whatsoever. More than 66% of the market share comprises non-branded as well as local players such as local glass cutters and installers. Research suggests that the total market for shower enclosures is upwards of Rs 350 crores and Hindware believes in its unique positioning in order to capitalize on this huge market opportunity. Hindware Italian Collection Shower Enclosures come with glass walls, a base, and an array of accessories and features to create a complete shower in one easy-to-install package deal.

Quality & Pricing

Since glass is one of the key components of shower enclosures, the brand claims that it makes use of the highest quality of toughened and tempered glass according to Indian and European safety standards and offers mechanical strength several times that of regular toughened glasses. The brand will also offer complimentary installation services for shower enclosures, thus offering customers an end-to-end solution for bathroom needs. The prices for shower enclosures start at INR 12,000 which includes everything from recce to shipping and installation at the customer site.

The ‘Easy Clean’ basins and shower enclosures are designed to keep the brand’s overall vision of ‘Thoughtful Is Beautiful’ that focuses on innovative performance-led product solutions to enable better safety and hygiene in households.

Commenting on the launch of the product series, Mr Sudhanshu Pokhriyal, Chief Executive Officer, Bath and Tiles Business, Hindware Limited, said, “At Hindware we are witnessing great traction for our products, basis our continuous engagements with consumers and distributors we are now expanding our product portfolio to accommodate more varied needs. As an industry leader, we understand the growing demand for automation and increasing focus on hygiene. The product expansion is in-line with the same. Additionally, keeping in mind the consumers rising concern for well-being, we launched the new ‘Easy Clean’ basin with the perfect combination of design, craftsmanship, and technology that enables hygiene and safety.

He further added, “Bathrooms today are no more just about functionality. With our entry into shower enclosures, we intend to provide consumers with a one-stop solution for all their bathware needs. The new shower enclosures come in a wide range of styles and versatile designs that are best suited for anyone seeking modern fittings in their bathroom space.

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