Tips for Creating a Healthy and Productive Learning Environment

Keeping all areas of life in harmony is difficult when you’re a high school student. What you really need in this situation is to relax a little and create a healthy environment in everything, especially studying. The more enjoyable it will be to study, the faster your homework will be done, and the more time will be left for relaxation and entertainment.

Good reasons to set up the right workspace at home

  1. Productivity and efficiency. Under the condition of constant irritation and discomfort (uncomfortable sitting, sunshine, etc.), as well as with a large number of distractions the productivity of any person decreases. And low productivity is often followed by poor academic performance.
  2. Storage. In the chaos of a disorganized work or study space, important documents can be lost or destroyed. Or much more time is spent looking for them than when everything is in its place and clearly sorted.
  3. Confidence and calmness. Being in a comfortable and organized environment can reduce stress and increase motivation to study.
  4. Organization. It can also help create a routine and schedule for studying, allowing for more efficient use of time. 

Steps to building a productive learning environment

Expert writers at nursing paper writing service suggest the following steps for creating a productive learning environment to set yourself up for success.

Add a routine

Strange as it may sound, but routine is the basis for successful learning. No, it’s not at all about transforming the learning process from exciting to monotonous and boring. So what does “routine” mean?

Everyone’s biorhythms are different. Some of us are larks, most productive in the first half of the day. Others, on the contrary, swing for a long time and wake up only in the evening. Analyze the activity of your body and choose for study time, when the head and body work in unison. Stick to the chosen time every day. Your brain will get used to this schedule, and at 5 p.m. (for example) it will automatically switch on “Study” mode.

Other daily tasks should also be made routine. Try to eat at the same time, as well as go to bed and wake up. The human body likes predictability and all kinds of schedules. Your well-being will improve dramatically.

Choose a place

Another very important thing that affects your productivity is where to study. To feel more focused, you need to stick to the same place. This way your brain will not have to adapt to new surroundings every time: all the sounds and smells will be familiar to it, and it will not pay attention to them. This way you will concentrate solely on your homework and not on the dog barking outside your window. If you find college assignments to be particularly difficult, don’t hesitate to seek paper writing help.

Choosing where you want to study, guided by your own comfort. Some people like absolute silence and dim lights, while others prefer to tune in to the learning process in a cafe, where it is quite noisy and crowded.

The study space should only be used for studying! Don’t try to create a multipurpose space where you can eat and watch Netflix. It’s important to create a strong connection between the space itself and brain activity.

Clean and organize the space

Although great minds love chaos, a study space should be as organized as possible. Clutter can distract you from intellectual activity. A healthy study space is where you are most productive and get more things done in a shorter amount of time. Therefore, we recommend that you think about organizing your “place of power” intelligently.

For example, you can hang a planner on the wall, neatly prepare writing utensils on the table, and mark your notebooks with colored stickers depending on the discipline (so it will be easier and faster to find them).

Don’t spoil yourself with excessive comfort

You may wonder what’s wrong with feeling as comfortable as possible while studying. To your surprise, almost everything is! When your body is relaxed, it becomes harder to focus on difficult tasks.

That’s why studying in bed is highly discouraged, although many people do. The fact is that you are used to falling asleep in your soft bed, and it is in a state of tenderness and relaxation that the brain sinks when you touch the blanket. And then there is no time to study.

If you start to doze off while doing your homework, consider changing your chair or lighting. Maybe cold light, rather than warm light, suits you for better concentration. The same goes for body position: try sitting on a backless stool instead of a padded office chair. But if none of these work, it may be worth to hire essay writer to help you out. This can give you a break while still meeting your academic obligations. 

Personalize your space

When you surround yourself with little things that make you happy, your productivity increases. Perhaps you need a little more coziness to feel more positive and energetic.

Buy some green plants and put them on your bookshelf. Hang a motivational poster or decorate a boring desk lamp. You need to feel comfortable in the workplace that you set up yourself. This is the only way to make classes enjoyable and avoid procrastination.

By the way, houseplants improve air quality, which is very important for healthy brain activity.

Creating a productive learning environment is not that difficult. It should be a special place where you feel focused and free from distractions.

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