Best Mosquito Bat in India – Buying Guide, Features and Specs to check when buying mosquito racket

Mosquito bats are one of the best and safest mosquito repellants that you can use in your home. They not only protect you from mosquitoes but also the harmful chemicals used in other types of mosquito repellents. Instead of chemicals, mosquito bats use electricity to kill mosquitoes and other flying insects. These are easy to use and are portable. There are numerous mosquito bats in the markets for you to use these days but, you have to choose the best one for yourself. Don’t just go for the price but also look for the features that make a mosquito bat better than the others. Here is a mosquito bat buying guide explaining the features that you need to look for in a mosquito bat.

Features to look for before buying a Mosquito bat

Features of a product make it good or bad as they determine what a product offers. The mosquito bat buying guide aims to help you ascertain which mosquito bat you should buy. Following are the features that you should look for before buying a mosquito bat:

1. Product quality:

Product quality in mosquito bats relates to the quality of the material from which the bat is made. The body of the mosquito bats is made of plastic material and the quality of the material decides if the bat will be sturdy or frail. Therefore, always go for the mosquito bat that is made of sturdy material so that it is durable for a longer period.  

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2. Rechargeable battery:

For any product that runs on batteries, it is important to choose the one with long-lasting and rechargeable ones. Mosquito bats come with two types of batteries i.e., lead-acid battery and lithium-ion battery. These batteries come in different voltage capacities, dimensions, and weights. When choosing a mosquito bat for yourself, go for one with a higher power capacity and reusability. The rechargeable batteries with higher capacity allow the bat to work longer on a single recharge. 

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3. LED Light:

Many mosquito bats come with an in-built LED light. This LED light helps in finding mosquitoes and insects even into darkness. These lights work for a long time after a single charge and come in handy during light-outs as well. Some mosquito bats also come with optional and/or detachable LED lights but, in-built ones are handier and better.

4. Charge indicator:

The charge indicator refers to the small light that indicates whether the mosquito bat is charging or not and if the battery is full. This indicator lets you know about the status of the battery of your mosquito bat. When the charge indicator light stops working, it means that there is some issue with the battery or the charging point. This way you can repair or change the battery of your mosquito bat on time. 

5. Mesh quality:

Mosquito Racket Bat 3 layer mesh

The mesh of the mosquito bat is what finally kills the mosquitoes and insects. The electricity produced in the bat is passed to the net, which kills the mosquitoes when they come in contact with it. The mosquitoes bats with three-layer nets are the best as the outer two layers among them work as a safety guard. The quality of the net is important because it decides the usability of the bat. So, make sure to choose the mosquito bat with good quality and a strong three-layered net.

6. Lightweight:

Since the mosquito bats need to be swung in the air by hand to kill the mosquitoes, they shouldn’t be too heavy. A good mosquito bat should be sturdy yet lightweight. The weight and strength of the mosquito bat both depend on the quality of the material used. Therefore, find yourself a mosquito bat that uses quality material but is lightweight as well. 

7. Warranty:

Warranty received on products is always important, especially in the case of daily use products. Many mosquito bats come with a 6-month to a one-year warranty. It will help you in the repair and/or replacement of the bats in case of any manufacturing defects during the warranty period. It goes without a doubt that you should always choose the bat with a longer warranty period. 

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The mosquito bat buying guide tells you what makes a mosquito bat the best among the sea of mosquito bats available in the market. Above mentioned are some of the basic but important features that you should consider before buying a mosquito bat. The mosquito bat that has all or most of these features will be the best choice for you. 

This is where Mr. Right Mosquito Racquet wins. Our mosquito bats have all the features mentioned above and also come at a pocket-friendly price. Mr. Right Mosquito Racquet is a rechargeable mosquito and insect killer bat that comes with an in-built LED light, rechargeable battery, and a one-year warranty. You can visit Mr. Right Store and get yourself the best mosquito bat. You can also check our other mosquito repellent i.e., mosquito net, and get one or both of our products to protect your loved ones from pesky mosquitoes.

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