Bedroom improvements: Making our bedrooms brighter

We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms. If you’re getting your everyday 8-hour-sleep, it means you’re spending minimum 240 hours in your bedroom. This place, indeed, should be pleasant and satisfying, at the same time very comfortable and bright. This room should be the place where you want to come back every evening.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to add value or sell your house fast,making the bedrooms brighter is always a nice idea becausebright rooms always spread positive vibes.

This is the reason we have collected some nice and trendy ideas that will be helpful to make your house brighter.

Wall coverings and wallpapers

Wall coverings are very trendy nowadays. With the help of wall coverings, it’s possible to make your bedroom more personalized. Your room will underline your taste and will showcase your beautiful taste and sense of style.

As to the wallpapers, we need to mention that they are again in a big demand. This is a huge comeback and because of this nowadays different pattern and styles are available in the market so getting the one that suits you well would not be a big deal to find. Besides, there are new peel and stick easy-change wallpapers available that makes it easy to install and remove giving possibilities to change them frequently.

On the other side, if you don’t like wallpapers, you may think of ready-made murals and tasteful decals.

Renovation of the old furniture

Whenever we think about making our bedrooms brighter, one of the main points is the furniture. Some people will of course throw away their old furniture and replace them with the new ones. However, there’s also an option of giving our old furniture the second life.

Why don’t you repair all possible broken parts of your furniture, buy a few fresh drawer pulls and simply paint them with a nice, fresh color? That’s what it takes to have fresh chairs, side tables,dressers or armoires.

Windows and other light sources

Bright rooms are not only about new furniture and beautiful walls, but also about the light! Basically, it’s all about the light as it’s the most important thing to take care of.

  • Natural light sourceslike windows and doors are great. Windows, of course take the center stage when we think about the light in the house but at the same time they are not simply the light sources of your house, but their size and style tells a lot about you. Every small detail matters and whenever you want to change your windows or make them bigger, think about their functionality and durability but have a second thought of their design as well.
  • Artificial light sources like lamps are also very important in the bedroom. Whenever you feel like your room is dark during the evenings and at night, think of getting stronger and brighter bulbs to replace with. Adding more points of artificial light in the bedroom can be another great solution.

Adding some magic

Now let’s talk about the magic calledthe art of illusion– let’s talk about the mirrors. Mirrors indeed are magical and apart from the tales that we heard about them, they make your space look larger as well as they perfectly reflect the light.

Floor length mirrors, for example, make your space look taller at the same time layering ones add interest and depth. Different sizes and styles of mirrors make different impressions and the choice is up to you but one thing is clear – your mirror should be angled opposite the windows.

Get rid of the clutter

Clutter is one of the most negative things that can happen. Of course our bedroom shouldn’t look like a piece of art in the museum, but at the same time, it needs to be well-organized. Try to keep your house room organized by getting rid of too many personal items on the shelves and tables. Instead, put some flowers or nice plants – they’re always nice and positive.

In case you feel like there’s not enough space for your personal staff, think of installing shelves or any additional piece of furniture.

The importance of the color palette

Have you ever read about the theory of colors? That is the main and the leading theory about the visual effects of a specific color and its combinations (as well as color mixing).

Choosing the right color for the bedroom is very important because they change or create a mood. Some colors make you tired, others active, some give you negative, others positive impression. You may not notice that whenever you look at the certain color paint, but the everyday presence of the color will reflect on your mood and health as well.  So, in order to feel comfortable and happy in your own room, it’s very important to choose pleasing color palette.

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