Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

No matter how small or big it is, any space, as well as the bathroom can easily be remodeled in a way to keep up with the functionality as well as the appearance of the rest of your home. Carefully go through these simple but effective designer tricks in order to turn tiny into functional and visually bigger.

Add a BIG mirror

Mirrors can make any space seem a lot bigger than it really is because of the illusion they make. Invest in a big mirror that starts from floor and reaches all the way up to the ceiling, and add some cool lighting installations above it to make the space visually grow even more. Not to mention that this way you will also increase the impact of those lights and illuminate your bathroom the right way. There will be no more makeup crisis (wink).

And if your bathroom happens to have side by side sinks, make sure you still use one giant mirror, not double mirrors.

Smart space usage

Smart space usage is actually knowing where to save. If you want to have a big bath, you should make sure that you save space on other areas. This is when the built-in shelves can come in handy. Not only are they practical (since you can fit your towels, candles, anything you want in there), but they are also really trendy and look really nice. Smart and practical solutions are always fashionable.


Probably the best tip for small spaces is to try to keep everything the same tone or the same color. Why? Let’s take the simplest example possible such as light tiles and dark walls. This will visually chop up the entire space and make it look at least twice smaller than it really is. The real and correct way to make contrast is with stylish bathroom supplies you will display around your bathroom such as sinks, cabinets or even light fixtures, while everything else matches and represents a blank canvas.

Another color tip is to make your walls match your ceiling, especially if the ceiling is angled or oddly shaped. By monochrome-ing the entire space, all those curves or whatever shapes will visually disappear and expand the space.

Oh, and another great trick is to make sure that tiles inside your shower completely match the tiles on the walls. The space will seem much, much larger.

And since we all know light is what opens everything up, logically, try going with light colors such as white, beige, eggshell, sky blue etc.

Oval sink or corner sink, question it is

Having an oval sink is good, having a corner sink is also good, but having their love child instead is even better, if not the best. When a bathroom is too small, even the smallest supplies such as one tiny pedestal sink can completely ruin the line of ‘traffic’ in there. Install a corner sink, but make sure it is across your toilet, not across your shower or wide bathtub, because this way you will eliminate that awkward moment of walking around it. And if you get an oval one rather than a square one, you will save enough counter space for towels, soap and maybe even a cute decoration such as a faux plant or a candle.

Improve the vanity

When it comes to the vanity, you have two options. You can either make it float above your floor, and make the space visually bigger and increase functionality of the vanity itself because you will free a lot of space for smaller items. Another option is to go with a round vanity. Firstly, you will reduce the risk of bruised hips, and secondly, they are much more stylish than those boring, square vanities. And don’t be scared, round items do a pretty good job in small and square spaces as well.

Sun light is your best friend

Of course, this is the biggest no-brainer, but that exactly is the reason why many people tend to neglect the importance of sunlight in their home. Not only does it improve the mood, but it is also good for you in general. I mean seriously, is there anything nicer than waking up in the morning and entering a fully-illuminated heaven-like bathroom where the sun welcomes you to take a first morning shower? And even though privacy is an important factor, there is no need to cover your windows and make them seem walled up. Go with translucent window covers to get the best of both worlds: privacy and sunlight.

If you on the other hand don’t have the possibility to install windows into your bathroom, bring the natural light inside with the help of a Solatube system for example. When there’s a will, there’s a way.

And that would be it. As you can see, everything revolves around keeping the things as light and as functional as possible. Simplicity is always a smart choice.


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    These are some really great ideas for bathroom design! I really like those floating vanities. they look amazing, and really make the space seem larger. I also really like the integrated sinks, because they look seamless and natural. Thanks so ,much for writing!

  17. 17

    Bathroom remodeling takes time and effort. It can be worthwhile to have a bathroom that is comfortable and safe, especially for a person who wants to age in place. You have issues with convenience means you have safety issues. You need to think about your wants for your bathroom renovation. Deciding your budget will allow you to set priorities wisely. But when you are setting your budget, make sure that budget has made as per your affordability. Remodeling is all about making updates. You need to be trendy while picking the updates for your bathroom.

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    To revive a life on bathroom there are ample of things which you can plan in your bathroom moreover to make aesthetic bathroom you need to do multiple things such as you need to color your bathroom according to your wall and furniture which can make it beautiful in looking wise.

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