Best plants to decorate your balcony

Best plants to choose for your balcony
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The balcony is a space everyone loves to spend time and relax. In urban cities, the balcony is an essential place to develop a home garden. This makes your living more relaxing, peaceful and enjoyable. You will enjoy very much having a small balcony garden at your home. Once you develop it, it will be the most desirable corner at your home. Below are a few of the best plants to choose for your balcony.

Things you can grow in the balcony usually includes -vegetables, herbs, conifers, shrubs and dwarf trees which are common. To bring some uniqueness to your balcony garden, you can add some fragrant flowers and some foliage plants.


It is an ideal balcony plant as it does not need high maintenance. It is bright and has pest resistance capacity. They are good for warm climates.


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This balcony plant comes second in the popularity list after the roses because of their numerous varieties and they are grown universally.


It has a lovely fragrance and suitable for your balcony garden. It can be grown in window boxes and containers and come in multiple sizes and shapes.


This balcony plant is preferred because it is easy to grow and maintain. They do not need much light, you just put them in the corner of your balcony and they will bloom in summer.


This is a good-looking balcony plant often displayed in hanging baskets. They give perennial flowers.


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This is a seasonal balcony plant ideal for your balcony. However, they are short lived and after the flowering season ends, you will require replanting the bulbs in pots.

Ivy Geranium

These balcony trees are well suited for both the climates, tropical and temperate. They give beautiful flowers, being displayed in hanging baskets in your balcony garden or window boxes.


If your balcony garden is south or west facing, then this flower is well suited to grow. The beauty of their flowers is that they open their eyes as the sun rises and closes them in the evening as the sun goes down.


It is a very dense balcony plant usually grown in hanging baskets. The advantage is that you can grow a lot of other plants with it which will give an interesting look to your balcony garden.


This is a wonderful flower for your balcony garden which creates a spherical inflorescence with various colours based on the Ph level of your pot or container. However, it needs frequent watering.


This balcony plant with a fascinating fragrance comes in single and numerous colours. It attracts a lot of butterflies and bees.


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If you have a balcony garden that does not receive much sun and remains shady most of the time then this plant suite you the most. It survives in moisture needs a lot of fertilizers to flourish.


It is a very thick balcony plant which comes in many varieties and its foliage can be seen in different colours.



Salvia is a small balcony plant, gives small flowers and can be grown in small pots. It also needs enough amount of water.


This is a balcony plant easy to grow and give abundant flowers. They are preferred by everyone. However, they need a lot of sunlight and fertilizers to grow.

Get these best plants to choose for your balcony to decorate your home garden.


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    Plants are the best items to decorate your balcony and make it look like a real painting. The balcony is the place that extends the boundary of your home and let you see the limitless sky while offering comfort and relaxation. It is the spot where you spend your leisure time, create, and develop innovative ideas. Therefore, making it look more attractive and full of positivity should be your priority.

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