Smart house painting tips to keep in mind

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It is definitely very exciting to move into a new house or renovate the existing one. But one challenge that it comes up with is getting the paint job done. While some of us prefer hiring help for painting the interior and exterior of the house, others may want to do it on their own. In either case, there are certain things that one should keep in mind when painting a house. The following smart house painting tips given in the following lines can make your job much easier, less expensive and definitely one that yields better results.

  • Primers must not be ignored

Painting your house tips

Painting alone is not enough. It is very important that before painting the house, the walls are cleaned properly so that there is no dust left on them. This makes the walls smoother for a better paint finish and is a smart house painting tip.  Besides cleaning, applying primer too is equally vital.  Primer basically performs the role of a smooth and durable base for the paint and makes it last longer. Two coats of a primer are needed for the right amount of protection and also shiny finish.

  • Mix the paint in good quantities

home painting tips

If you wish to ensure that there is uniformity in the colours of the paints throughout the space, you must try mixing the paints in large amounts. If you mix colours again and again in smaller proportions, then there is a risk of changes in the shades each time.  No one wants to see variations in the shades on the walls and hence it is better to follow this trick.

  • Avoid confusion between brushes and rollers

Painting your house tips

It is rather easy to get confused between brushes and rollers since both perform the task of painting walls.  Rather than choosing one, it is better to use both for different types of paints. For example, rollers must be used for large walls or surfaces whereas brushes must be used to paint the edges and for relatively smaller surfaces.  If you are a home owner who is painting his own house, then rollers should be a better option for you.

  • Use paints and shades carefully

Painting your house tips

Rather than selecting paint and regretting it later, it is better to try out several shades on your walls so that you are sure about the best fit. This is one of the smart house painting tips to follow. Also, make sure you go for high quality paints and do enough research on the various textures, finishes and compositions etc available. There are many different kinds of paints including waterproof, oil based ones, water based ones, washable paints etc and thus you must study the options before purchasing.

  • Let the paint dry completely

Painting your house tips

It is important that you let the paint dry completely before applying more coats or bringing the furniture and other accessories of the house in. Paint typically needs about a day or two to dry, depending upon the amount of air and light that falls into your house. Thus if you do not want the paint to spoil, be patient and let it dry. follow these smart house painting tips for the best painting results.

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