10 Situations When You Need Your Electrician


There are times when you’d feel that you don’t need to call someone to help you out in the house. Some tasks seem relatively easy enough to handle in the beginning, but it can turn into something more difficult when not handled properly.

Not everything can be solved by DIY, no matter how many people say this. You might also be thinking that you’d save a lot of money by doing things on your own. DIY isn’t the solution for all situations because there are times that you’ll cause more damage.

To help you appreciate the necessity of calling an electrician, read on to know the situations which require the presence of an electrician. The next time you encounter these situations, skip the DIY and call an expert.

Submit that permit

If you’re doing electrical works in your house, inspectors have to approve it for safety purposes. The small jobs don’t need permits, such as replacing a bulb or a fan.

For major repairs, you need a permit and an inspector. If you do things on your own because you’re such a fan of DIY, you’re putting yourself, including your whole family at risk. It’s better to call an electrician for your peace of mind.

Circuit breaker issues

Overloaded circuits can cause overheating, or in worst-case scenarios, burning of the house. Old breakers are more even prone to malfunction. If you notice frequent problems, call an electrician from sites like Powertec.

Don’t try to attempt repairing the panel especially if you know nothing about electricity. You might end up electrocuting yourself or damaging the electrical panel.

Overloaded Outlets


If you have more plugs than available outlets, you tend to add extensions which may cause overloading. To avoid this, call an electrician to add more outlets in your home.

Electrical Shocks


If you touch your light switch and you feel unusual heat or mild electric shocks, try checking the switch. Appliances in your house can also give you mild electric shocks. If you’re not sure what’s wrong with it, ask your local electrician for help. Don’t try to repair your appliance or remove the switch by yourself.

Flickering lights

If your lights flickerwhile you’re using several devices at once, it can be an indication of electrical problems. Some lamps also fluctuate when you plug in a new machine. Ask for an electrician’s assessment of the electrical condition of your house.

Outdoor work

If you’re adding electrical fixtures in your garden or near your pool, call an electrician. Water and humidity can be dangerous when electrical installations are nearby.

Old electrical system

If your house is old (at least 10-15 years old), it might need several upgrades. Ask an electrician to inspect the overall quality of your house’s electrical wirings. Outdated systems often are the cause of fires. Always consult with your electrician.

Wet Wirings

If any wires in your house get wet, especially those with exposed wires underneath. Don’t attempt to clean it because you’re in danger of getting electrocuted. Your electrician should handle this situation.

Buzzing sounds

If you hear weird buzzing or humming sounds in your house, it could be that there’s an electrical problem somewhere close. You can look for the source but don’t try to repair it. Call your electrician to help you.

Dysfunctional outlets or light switches


If you notice that the switches in your house don’t function at certain times, it might be time to have them checked. It could be a sign of loose wires inside.


Fixing electrical systems require permits and inspections. If you did the fixing yourself and you did it in a wrong way, you’d still need the help of an electrician to pass the examination. Placing light fixtures near pools or gardens also require an electrician’s help. Wet wirings can cause electrocution.

There are some home projects that you can do by yourself, but when it comes to electrical problems, it’s best to leave it to experts. There are a lot of situations which may seem relatively easy to fix, but you might be blind to the dangers that it poses to you and your family. Always call an electrician to do your electrical work.


Author Bio

Lisa-JonesLisa Jone is a full-time mother and writer. She likes to write about any topics related to home improvement and smart parenting. On her free time, Lisa loves going to the beach with her family.

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