The Latest Lighting Trends for Your Home This 2018

The Latest Lighting Trends for Your Home This 2018
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When it comes to home décor trends, you can consider lighting fixtures as the icing on the cake. It’s far more important than what others give it credit for, as it can drastically change a room with just a flick of its button.

In every area of your home, you can incorporate different lighting techniques for a diverse and satisfying feel in every room. Lighting companies are your one-stop shop for finding the best fixtures. They can help you find the best lighting for every space in your home, from simple essentials to modern designer lamps. If you’re not sure how to do it, you can always ask for professional help.

These are some of the Hottest Lighting Trends this year.

1. Retro Lighting Styles with a Modern Twist

If you’re into retro and vintage, then you’ll love the new retro lighting fixtures available in the market. Modern-retro is a hot trend for home décor this year, and you can incorporate this design in almost every part of the house.

2. 21st Century Industrial Lighting

There’s no need to shy away from the unfinished look that industrial lighting used to have, as they are now updated to fit the modern decoration we have nowadays. This unique type of illumination now comes in a wide variety of tones, designs with metal elements that doubles as a contemporary art décor for your home.

3. Sustainable and Energy-Saving Lights

Renewable energy is now a trend, thanks to the many innovations that have incorporated this element and the supporters of an earth-friendly home. LEDs are an excellent choice as well as CFLs as they have the most energy-efficient features – using up to 80% less energy.

4. Chic Deck Lighting


Chic Deck Lighting

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Don’t forget about your outdoor space, and try to incorporate recessed deck lighting. This lighting type will not only illuminate your deck with just the right amount of light, but it also highlights certain parts of the house which doubles as extra security. Deck Lighting is considered an investment because of this very reason, so it’s important not to forget about updating your lighting fixtures outside the house.

5. Antique Art Decorative Lighting

Antique Art Decorative Lighting

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Want a rustic element for your home? Try to incorporate antique lighting fixtures as these are lovely geometric lines and shapes giving you a one of a kind lighting. A wide variety of lights and lamps are out on the market that features this style, giving you lots of options to choose from and enjoy.

6. Black and White Lights

Time and time again, black and white proves that they never go out of style. They can match with just about anything, and by just using a black and white lighting fixture, it instantly gives your room an elegant and sophisticated look.

7. Brass Lighting

Brass, on the other hand, is making its comeback. It did take an exit last year, but expect this to come rushing back to every home this year. Add brass lighting to your home and watch it bright up any room in an instant with its lively yellow hue.




Always remember, this list of lighting trends is meant to be a guide only in redecorating your homes, but the best lighting is one that will best suit your needs best. Choose a lighting style you love as it will be there for an extended period. There’s no need to stress about not being able to follow the latest craze, as what is essential is that you feel comfortable with your choices.

Author Bio:

Robbie Nevens has a unique fascination with lighting, he believes that the room lighting is the centre and core of home designs. Robbie works for a home improvement company for the last 20 years. As for Robbie, lampshades and chandeliers were the best types of furniture he ever invested at home and never fails to do the trick.

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