Choose the best-LED light bulbs for home in this festive season

best-LED light bulbs for home
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LED light bulbs spread a feeling of warmth and create a lovely atmosphere at home. It lightens up your mood in the evening when you come back from work. Apart from its practical necessity, it possesses a decorating effect as well. LED light bulbs enhance the grace of your living space as they are available in multiple designs and shapes and with different brightness capacity. All these enliven the atmosphere at home. Let’s have a look at these best-LED light bulbs for home based on their style, price, and performance.

Cree’s well-rounded smart bulb

An affordable LED light bulb for home amongst many of its contemporaries, offers you solid lighting option. It is easy to operate, it comes with a range of options tells you how to control its light. It works on multiple platforms, offers you connected lighting options. The hardware which this LED light bulb for home is built is durable and delivers smooth performance.

Cree's well-rounded smart bulb

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Cree 11W LED with 4Flow Filament design

This LED light bulb for home comes in a very familiar design; because of its resemblance to an incandescent bulb.

Cree 11W LED with 4Flow Filament design

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However, it releases good quality light and dimming effect than the old style bulb. The best part is that it comes with a 3-year warranty giving you enough reason to invest on it. It is a low cost yet efficient LED light bulb for home use that offers a very good performance.

Green Creative BR30 Cloud LED

This is a stylish looking LED light bulb for home, also used as a flood light emits enough light and controls the heat better than a normal bulb.


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It is known for its extreme brightness and an advanced cloud design.This LED light bulb for home use has a very projector that helps in the even distribution of light in a room. The technology with which it is made helps in the better management of the heat that is build up when illuminated for a long time. An ideal pick to brighten up your household in the festivals.

Philips 60W Equivalent LED

Get this LED light bulb for home, which possesses a good dimming capacity, it is worth buying if there are wall dimmer switches at your home. Though it costs a little extra it gives very bright light. If you aim to use dimming lights at home in various occasions or in normal circumstances, this is a very good option for you.

philips dimming effect

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Philips SlimStyle LED

It is a value based product with a stylish design structure. It is flat shaped LED light bulb for home and can control the heat in a better manner. It is suitably made for enclosed fixtures.

Philips SlimStyle LED

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It can be a good replacement of that old incandescent bulb which is there for ages. It has a well-rounded structure which makes it look very attractive. Because of its cost-effective price, more and more buyers consider it these days.

The speciality with LED light bulbs is that they enable you to relax in the evening without compromising the light quality. Choose them as per your own taste and at the same time analyze their market price and performance reviews given by users. Then, you will be far from making mistakes. A few more suggestions to brighten up your home-

Philips Base B22 9-Watt LED Bulb

Philips Stellar Bright 20-Watt Round LED Bulb

Syska Base B22 8-Watt LED Bulb

Crompton B22 18-Watt LED Bulb

Adorn your household in this festival season by buying this best-LED light bulbs for home and enjoy the effect. Contact us Mr right services for any installation related services.

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