How easily you can paint your house

The easy way to paint a house
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Painting is an instant way to bring some magic to your old home. Several ways you can perform house painting task. These simple tips may not get approval from the professional painters but there is no harm applying it while painting your home.

The easy way to paint a house includes the following steps-


Wash your house clean as the first step of the preparation of painting your home. While washing the house, you can imagine how much dirt has accumulated over the years. So, washing is a must in every house painting project no matter how clean your place already is. Do it by your hand and it will give you better result though it will take time.


It is an essential task while painting your home. Prime only those areas which need more attention, not the whole house.


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Those unpainted areas should be selected for this job. These house painting areas will include things like raw wood and dried wood filler. However, if you have empty spots, then only one coat will be sufficient, just move your brush and your job is done.

Keep your preparation time minimum

Don’t pay much time for preparing to paint your house. It will kill your time and it will dampen the enthusiasm of painting your home because you will be so exhausted by the time you finish your preparation. You will be so busy taping and covering and will have no energy left to devote to actual house painting work and your result will not be satisfactory.

Scraping work should also be minimum

Scraping should also take little time. However, it is not time-consuming, scrape only when you reach a solid edge before painting your home. Sometimes it goes on and on because as you scrape you would like to continue it in the hope of more polishes.

Scraping work

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The new paint you will apply will seal the edges and hide it. Though it is not the kind of professional sealing but will work for long.

Spray painting is good for large areas

Spray painting would work well in large areas of your house. This kind of house painting includes the doors, windows, lights, cable boxes and such others. It is faster and comes out clean. However, it requires a good amount of time in preparation if you are going to do spray painting your home. 

The easy way to paint a house

If you want to minimize the effort of washing brushes and covers, then you can spend on expensive roller covers and apply them to each house painting session. It is especially required when you are doing the interiors, as people usually notice them more. Otherwise, in the exteriors, you need not necessarily have to buy expensive roller covers. Cleaning of your brushes is necessary with a paint brush comb. A comb will cut down your brush clean up time by half.

The easy way to paint a house

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Try painting your home in uniform colour or you can apply dark colours throughout your house. Applying a dark colour help to finish the house painting in just one coat and it will reduce your effort. When you are changing your exterior house colour, then only one coat of colour will not work because the old paint areas will be visible. However, when you paint or use the same colour, the thin paint areas will be covered up. To do so, you can peel out the old paint colour and goes to a nearby paint store to ask which kind of paint colour it is.

These house painting steps will surely help you to accomplish this task without any professional help.

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