4 marvelous ideas to rock your balcony this winter. Your neighbors would be jealous!

There is nothing worse in your home that a bare balcony. If your home is blessed with a balcony (small or big doesn’t  matters) then make the best out this place, especially  in winters. A balcony is a perfect place where you can enjoy breakfast, tea, weekend brunch or read newspaper, a book or do some writing under the warm winter sunlight

Here are some simple tips of converting a boring and empty balcony into a comfy relaxing zone:

Fun Furniture

Wrought Iron Furniture in balcony

Go for wrought iron or cane furniture for your balcony. Such type of furniture add beauty to your balcony as well as require very less maintenance. If your balcony is small just play it up with some cute chairs and a table. And if your are lucky to have a spacious balcony, go for some couch style patio furniture and table set. Enjoy the warm sunlight lying on a wrought iron chaise lounge chair and watch the world go by.

Warmth & Comfort

Cushions and rugs for furniture

Do not hesitate to experiment with colors. Give life to your balcony by adding colorful cushions and seat covers on the chair and couch. Place a colored jute mat under the furniture setting. Add warmth to stylish furniture by capturing a colorful throw or a blanket. Give your table some edge by adding cheerful table cloth. The cushions, mats and throws will provide a colorful comfort to your balcony.

Flora and fauna

Colorful PLANTS

Add some outdoor plants and flowers to your balcony. If you are short of space then use hanging pots for plants. Plants will give beauty and freshness to your balcony. Sometime only a few carefully selected plants can add a big statement to your balcony like an orange bonsai or couple of dahlias plant. Utilize your balcony space by growing few vegetables like tomatoes, chilies, lemon etc. and herbs like coriander, tulsi. Use colorful pots for plants and give your balcony a touch of casual sophistication.When you add flora to your balcony, fauna i.e. butterflies, birds will automatically grace your balcony.

Touch of accessories

Accessories for balcony

Add style to your balcony by adding accessories like a wrought iron bird cage, few lanterns, a watering can, colorful pots etc. Add calming music by hanging some wind chimes and metal bells on the ceiling.

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Balconies are very important extension of your home. Do not use them as a storage space rather convert them into relaxing zones. As I mentioned earlier there is nothing worse in a house than an empty balcony. So style up your balcony with the above tips. Enjoy your newly designed balcony on a barbecue afternoon or Sunday brunch with friend and family.

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Live stylish and stay happy!

Team Mr.Right

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