Ideal plants for every room in your house

How to Choose a Plant for Every Room in Your House
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Greenery inside your home will give you fresh air and promote your life. They also give a new fresh look to your place. Invigorating a new feeling in the house. This is a simple way to upgrade your home decor without costing several bucks. More than furniture, you can rely on plants which will give you health benefits apart from promoting your home decor.

However, you just cannot decorate your home with any other trees. There are plants for specific spots and corners to enhance the home decor. Two most important things to keep in mind before going to decorate your rooms with the trees-one thing is utmost care and your knowledge about an aesthetic appeal in your home.

The exposure to sun and the level of humidity are two other things that determine the kind of trees you will need at home. For example, you cannot keep a plant that needs sun exposure to a windowless humid bathroom. Same wise, an air plant is not meant to be kept in the sun facing living room.

Here are varieties of plants available in the market that are perfect for every room in your house. Let us discuss how to choose a plant for every room in your house.

Living room

A living room is something in your house which receive s a lot of traffic as you often get together with your friends, family and relatives. You can put rubber tree plant, begonias for your living room.

Living room

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Depending on the amount of sunlight received by your living room, such as bright, direct light, or indirect light, medium, low shade etc., you should buy your plants. Begonia can survive from low light to full sun.


It is an important area in your room, it is little humid compared to other places in your house except for the bathroom. The hanging plants you can use in the kitchen, it will provide the decorative angle.  Ideal trees for the kitchen are- ferns, herbs, air plants etc which can survive in high humid conditions. Herbs need regular watering when they get dry.

Dining area

This is also a place where family, friends and relatives meet and lots of discussions happen. Plants that are recommended for dining area are the bird of para, rubber tree etc. These trees will survive in different conditions like from low and bright light to full sun and do not require daily water.

dinning room

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It is an area where you must choose your plants carefully. It is something related to your peaceful sleep and well being. You must create a greenery to release a peaceful environment at night. Choose those trees which boost mode and minimize stress, anxiety and release toxins. It is important to receive good air when you are sleeping, so use plants which can improve the air quality. For example, snake plant, rubber tree and spider are three of the ideal trees to be used in the bedroom. These trees can survive in bright to low light, indirect light and do not need water frequently.


It is also an important corner of your home. This space has different environment and temperature compared to other rooms in your house. So, the tropical trees are an ideal selection for this space. They can survive variously in low light, strong humid conditions and even in warm temperature as well. You can put ferns, air plants etc. to decorate your bathroom.

air plants

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Children’s room

If you have children, then you can show them the colorful and responsive plants. Begonia, succulents are good choices for the kids. Allowing them to have a plant will nurture creativity and responsibility in them.

After knowing about how to choose a plant for every room in your house, you will avoid the mistake of putting wrong plants in your home.

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