Why you need to replace your conventional tubelight with LED Batten?


sConventional tubelights have been around for what seems like “forever” providing affordable lighting for residential as well as commercial areas. Even with its several shortcomings such as flickering, choke going bad, etc. conventional tubelights a.k.a. fluorescent tubelights (FTL) gained widespread adoption due to its decent longevity and efficiency over incandescent bulbs. But just because something has been around “forever” doesn’t make it the best solution out there.

Today, we are going to explore the benefits of Orient Electric’s LED Battens – a better, far more efficient and durable alternative to conventional tubes.

LED Battens have been around for some time but they haven’t gained the widespread adoption they should have, at least not yet. Today, we will be weighing in on several functional as well as aesthetical aspects of both conventional tubes and LED Battens to determine why it’s better (and more profitable) to move over tubelights and use their LED alternatives.


Energy Consumption 

One of the biggest concerns of running a household is the consumption of electricity (and its cost). Energy consumption or electricity use is a strong factor in deciding what kind of appliances or lighting one should use. A lot of people put a lot of emphasis on installing energy efficient ACs, geysers and refrigerators. But they fail to realize the potential savings of using LED Battens compared to conventional tubelights.

How much potential savings, you ask? Let’s crunch some numbers. For This exercise, let’s say we replace a conventional tubelight (40W) with an Orient LED Batten (18W). Below is a chart that analyzes how much savings one LED Batten can achieve compared to previous lighting technologies:

Technology Wattage
Life Span
Usage in 1 year (kW) Cost in 1 year*
(in Rs)
LED Batten 18 20000+ 65 394
Tubelight 40 8000 146 876
Incandescent 100 1000 365 2190

*Electricity cost at Rs 6 per kWh (1 unit). Average daily usage of 10 hours.

Here, try this ? Energy Calculator ? to learn more about the cost savings and environmental benefits of replacing tubelights (FTLs) with LED battens.


Cost Saving ?

So from the above chart, it’s clearly evident that Orient’s LED Batten saves over twice the cost of a tubelights and over five-times that of incandescent. It’s also important to realize that we got this saving from just one tube. If we were to use 5 LED Battens, the savings would go up to well above Rs 2000 per year.

That is definitely a huge number to trim off your energy bills. Just keep in mind – the higher the number of fixtures, the more the savings. You can start saving from day one just by making the right choice when it comes to lighting your home.


Heat Production ?

Conventional tubelights tend to slowly lose their brightness over time and even end up burning some of its parts; the choke being the most common example. That is because tubelights – and even CFLs to some extent – generate nearly thrice the heat of an LED. So, apart from producing heat, conventional tubelights can also increase your cooling costs.


Burnt out CFLs and tubelight chokes

LED Battens, on the other hand, produce very less heat and are highly unlikely to burn out or pose a fire hazard. Once again, Orient LED Battens clearly trump conventional tubelights and CFLs in this category.


Lifespan ?

Conventional tubelights and CFLs last for up to 6000-8000 hours, whereas Orient LED Battens have been tested to have a lifespan of well over 20,000 hours. So essentially, an Orient LED Batten can easily outlive the combined lifespan of at least 4-5 tubelights.

The wasted productivity and cost of replacing and maintaining tubelights can now be a thing of the past. By switching to Orient LED Battens, you have a clear winner in terms of savings and durability, all while reducing your carbon footprint and helping the environment.


Lighting Performance ?

LED Battens maintain their brightness levels throughout their lifespan. However, the same cannot be said for conventional tubelights. The quality of light from FTLs and CFLs have been found to degrade over time. As tubelights expire, their brightness levels decrease significantly to the point that they start flickering.


Luminous Efficacy ?

By now, we have clearly established that Orient LED Battens hold a clear advantage on several fronts over other old and traditional lighting alternatives. Luminous efficacy is yet another important factor where Orient LED Battens clearly come out on top.

Luminous efficacy is the measure of the number of lumens a bulb produces per watt i.e. how much visible light is produced compared to the power consumed. If we compare Orient LED Battens against traditional tubelights, we get the following results:

  • 40W tubelight churns out approx. 1900 lumens for 36 watts
  • 18W Orient LED Batten easily produces over 1800 lumens for 18 watts

An Orient LED Batten consumes less than half the power to match the light produced by a conventional tubelight. Need we say anything else?

Now that we’ve covered most of the points pertaining to the functionality and benefits of Orient LED Battens compared to traditional tubelights, let’s compare these products in terms of their aesthetics.


Aesthetics ?️

Orient LED Battens are easy to install, be it on the ceiling or the wall. When you install an LED Batten, all the parts including the aluminium housing, LED cover, end caps etc. fit together seamlessly to form a single unit. There are no extra wires dangling, thus making it look even more stunning and contemporary. Moreover, it occupies lesser space and shines significantly brighter than a conventional tubelight. You will never have to worry about yellowing or darkening of the tubes as LED Battens emit a bright, uniform light throughout their operational lifespan.


No more darkening; no more dangling wires

Orient LED Battens don’t just look slim and modish but can also enhance the aesthetic quotient of any space within seconds. Available in 1ft, 2ft and 4ft variants, Orient LED Battens are also capable of changing their Correlated Color Temperature (CCT). That means you can switch between three different shades of light and find the right combination that really suits your needs and soothes your senses.


Conclusion ?

Replacing just one 40-watt conventional tube light with an 18-watt Orient LED Batten gives an annual saving of about Rs. 480 while also saving 80 kWh of annual energy and reducing annual CO2 emissions by 0.03 tons. LED Battens are a perfect choice that provides high lumen efficacy and deliver significant energy and cost savings.

Orient LED Battens combine energy efficiency with an aesthetically pleasing slim design and serve as an ideal replacement for conventional tube lights in both residential as well as commercial spaces.


Here’s Orient Electric’s TVC as they take a witty take on why you need to replace your old tubelights with Orient’s LED battens.

Learn more about Orient LED Battens: Visit their homepage


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