How to fold a Mosquito net?

Using mosquito nets while sleeping helps in keeping mosquitoes and other insects away from you. Besides the traditional mosquito nets that needed to be tied up on corners, there are some new types of mosquito nets available these days. The newer options include pop-up mosquito nets and storing mosquito nets. Among these, the pop-up mosquito nets offer the best all-around protection. These nets are very easy to open, you just put them on the bed and they pop open. However, folding these mosquito nets to put in storage bags can be a bit difficult if you don’t know the steps. Here, we are going to discuss the tricks about how to fold a mosquito net to help you out in the process. Let us see what those steps/ tricks are. 

Steps to fold a mosquito net

Opening the pop-up mosquito net is a piece of cake. However, when it comes to folding the mosquito net, there are some tricks that you need to follow. It is important to fold the net in the right way as it has a steel frame, and you need to keep that safe. If you twist the net excessively or in the wrong way, the net might not be properly folded and there can be chances of damage as well. So, following the right steps while folding the net is important. 

Below are the steps/ tricks on how to fold a mosquito net in the right way: 

1. Zip up the mosquito net from all sides:

The mosquito net has zippers on one or two sides that act as a gate to enter or exit. Zipping them up to close the entry/exit point before folding the net helps in making sure that any free part will not be twisted/folded in the wrong way. 

2. Lift the middle of the top part of the net:

Pinch the top of the net in the middle and lift it. It will make the sides of the net collapse and easily foldable. 

3. Overlap all sides on each other:

Push one corner of the net inside to make all the sides overlap on each other. This will make the net look like a half-circle. 

4. Fold the net in two circles:

Hold the two sides of the net with both hands and squeeze both sides towards each other. Then twist the upper part to make one small circle on the upper side and a bigger circle on the lower side.

5. Put both the circles together:

Push down the smaller circle over the bigger one and hold them together. 

6. Twist the bigger circle again:

Hold the upper and lower side of the net and twist it from below to make one more circle.

7. Bring the three circles together:

Fold the third circle to overlap the other two circles so that all make a single circle. Hold all the three circles together from one point. 

8. Tie the net and put it in the storage bag:

Use the strip provided with the net to tie it properly. Finally, put the net back into its storage bag. 

To Summarise

You don’t need to worry about how to fold a mosquito net anymore, just follow the steps mentioned above, and it’s done. While using or storing the mosquito net, there is one thing that you should always keep in mind. Make sure to keep any type of sharp things away from the mosquito net. Any sudden contact with sharp objects can lead to the tearing of the net. It is always better to be careful while using or cleaning the mosquito net as it will increase its usable lifespan. Though the nets are strong, if they are excessively stretched while being folded and stored the mesh or the frame can become defective.

Our Pick

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Mosquito nets are the best mosquito repellant solution during the night as you don’t have to keep a watch or expose yourself to harmful chemicals. Keeping mosquitoes away from you and your loved ones is very important. After all, mosquitoes carry numerous dangerous diseases and it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Some FAQs about Mosquito nets

Whether you are using a mosquito net or you are planning on getting one for you, there are chances that you have some queries about it. We have prepared a list of some common questions about mosquito nets to help you clear your doubts. Following are some FAQs about mosquito nets:

  1. Which material is used in making the mesh of the mosquito net?

    The mesh of the mosquito net is usually made of one of these fabrics: polyester, nylon, cotton, or plastic. However, polyester is the most commonly used fabric.

  2. Which type of mosquito net mesh is best?

    Polyester is the most popularly used and the best material for mosquito nets. The netting made from polyester is very fine and thus prevents any dust from getting inside. This makes it safe for children and anyone suffering from dust allergies.

  3. Is it safe to sleep in a mosquito net?

    Yes, it is completely safe to sleep inside a mosquito net. It not only protects you from mosquitoes but also from other insects that can disturb your sleep. You can tuck the nets beneath the mattress from all sides, making it safe from all sides.

  4. What are the benefits of mosquito nets?

    Mosquito nets not only protect you from mosquitoes & insects but also from the side effects of using chemical mosquito repellants. Repellants like the liquid vaporizer, coils, and cards release chemicals while being used and that can be harmful to health. The mosquito nets can be used both inside and outside the house. They help you in sleeping peacefully without any harmful side effects.

  5. How many holes does a mosquito net have?

    The number of holes in a mosquito net varies from brand to brand and the type of mosquito net. However, most of the pop-up mosquito nets usually have approximately 300 holes, which are enough to facilitate proper ventilation. 

  6. Can I wash my mosquito net?

    Yes, you can wash your mosquito net. You can wash it by hand or washing machine, or just use a wet towel to wipe it down. Also, make sure to check and follow the instructions that come with the product.

  7. Can air pass through mosquito net?

    Yes, the mosquito nets have numerous holes that are big enough to allow proper ventilation while preventing mosquitoes from coming inside.

  8. How long do mosquito nets last?

    The life of a mosquito net depends on the material used as a mesh. However, most of the washable mosquito nets are good to be used for about 5-6 years on average. 

  9. What is medicated mosquito net?

    Medicated mosquito nets or Insecticide-treated mosquito nets are the ones that are treated with insecticides or medicines. These mosquito nets repel the mosquitoes from coming near the net and kill the ones that come in or are too close to the net. Medicated nets are used to prevent malaria and other similar severe diseases, specifically in the malaria-endemic regions.

  10. Are insecticide-treated nets harmful to humans?

    Though the mosquito nets might smell like insecticides after being treated, they are not harmful. These nets use pyrethroids (a group of insecticides), which are recommended by the WHO to be used on the mosquito nets. If your skin gets in direct contact with the net when it is still wet from the insecticides, you may have a tingling sensation on your skin. But, it is not harmful, even for small children. However, it is always a good idea to be careful around anything chemical. 

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    Folding a mosquito net is simple: start by ensuring the net is clean and dry. Gather the net from the real estate sky change services top, then fold it in half lengthwise. Continue folding or rolling it tightly, making sure to keep it compact. Secure it with ties or straps for easy storage and transport.

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