Best tips and ways to maintain an RO system

Reverse Osmosis system for clean drinking water
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When it comes to drinking clean and pure water, an RO system is the first thing that comes to mind. Reverse Osmosis systems or RO systems have become commonly used home appliances without which it is difficult to drink water and even cook food. If you are someone who has an RO system installed at home, then you must know not just about its working but also its proper maintenance. The following are some useful tips and ways to maintain an RO system for its best functioning.

  • Change RO filters on a regular basis

The first thing to keep in mind while trying to maintain RO systems is that their filters need to be changed on a periodic basis. There are several filter stages in such a system and each need to be changed at a particular time gap. For example, the pre filter cartridge as well as the carbon filter should be changed every 6 to 9 months.  The RO membrane on the other hand needs to be changed or replaced every 2-3 years.  If you do not change the filters at the right time, then the appliance will be producing lesser water and may not work very efficiently.

Water filters in an RO systemImage Credits: Wikimedia Commons

  • Cleaning and sanitization is one of the best ways to maintain an RO system

one of the next ways to maintain an RO system is to get it cleaned properly by a professional atleast once a year. You can go for a system sanitization service or even a system recharge process, both of which are necessary.

  • Install a softener for extra efficient functioning of the RO system

A lot of people wonder whether installing a softener is a good idea in combination with the RO system or not. Well, a softener and an ROS actually make a good combination because they both can result in good tasting and very clean water. A softener is important because in some cases, presence of magnesium and calcium can make the water hard and difficult for the RO system to do its work alone.

Install a softener with RO systemImage Credits: Flickr

  • Keep the exteriors of the RO system clean

Besides the internal cleaning and maintenance, it is important that you keep the exteriors clean too. Make sure the outside machinery as well as the tap attached to the machine are regularly wiped with either a dry or a wet cloth.

So now that you know some easy ways and tips to maintain an RO system, you must make sure you follow them so as to get the best usage out of your appliance. Typically, by following these steps, you can make your system last for about 12-15 years. However if you do not maintain it properly then the system might start working erratically and you may need to either replace it or spend a lot of your hard earned income on its repair work. To avoid this circumstance, hire a professional who can help you keep it in good condition.

Reverse Osmosis System

image credits:Flickr


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