The best free PC and console games

Cool games don’t have to cost money, and it’s important not to make the wrong choice. Free games have flooded the market. If previously the choice was limited to only a few items, now the options abound. Everyone can pick up something for themselves: shooters, sports arcades, MOBA, action, RPG, MMO. Plus, we should remember the high cost of modern releases, which, even on PC, can cost three to five thousand rubles.We decided to collect the most popular free games that do not look ashamed. Among these games, you can see those that are presented on the Indian casino site with a good rating. Of course, we are talking about slots. They can spend time and have fun because they are, in fact, for this and created. Each has elements of donation, but they are always optional.


  • PC;
  • PS5;
  • PS4;
  • Xbox Series;
  • Xbox One;
  • Nintendo Switch; 
  • Android.

Who among us doesn’t know about Fortnite? The battle royale, with its cartoonish graphics and tower building, has long been a staple of the gaming industry. The hype around the shooter has died down a bit, but it hasn’t gone anywhere. It still has millions of fans worldwide, and something is always happening. And this is the main plus of Fortnite, and its fans are never bored. The game regularly features collaborations with famous franchises and brands, concerts, and promotions for Hollywood movies. And along with that comes a flood of content, of which the game already has tons. Thanks to Epic Games’ incredible support, the shooter fulfills the primary purpose of any game: to entertain.

League of Legends and Dota 2

  • PC

Two popular games of the MOBA genre that have long stopped feuding with each other and quietly satisfy their audiences. The concept of each is the same:

  • Gather a team of different heroes.
  • Earn gold for artifacts and pump up.
  • Destroy enemy characters and demolish the buildings at the base.

Everything happens on a large map divided by three lines until we break the main building.

The differences lie in the details. In League of Legends, it’s more about the micro-moments because the game is more compact. It has a small and rich map and two strategically important objects on each side. Dota 2, on the other hand, has more scale and room for tactical maneuvers. 

CS: GO and Valorant

  • PC

Another famous rivalry, this time in shooters. Valve and Riot Games also released both games, and they have the same concept but damn different details. CS:GO is a more extreme variant of the team shooter with realistic graphics and an arsenal of real-life weapons. Valorant takes a different route, with each fighter having unique skills like taser arrows and hidden surveillance cameras.

But the base in both shooters is the same. Two teams of five have to score more points than the opponent. They are given for wins in rounds. To win, each squad completes a task. Attackers must destroy defenders and detonate a bomb, while defenders must defeat attackers and disarm explosives if it is still set.

Slots online in demo mode

  • PC;
  • Android;
  • IOS.

Slots are a favorite pastime among online casino visitors. Modern slots have reached a whole new level, and therefore both beginners and experienced players can enjoy an exciting storyline and a nice picture and music accompaniment.

The range of slot machines in online casinos is so great that the issue of choice is periodically faced even by the most experienced users. 

The top slots are at the top of the list of the best free slot machines for several years:

  • Crazy Monkey. This slot allows players to explore life in the wild tropical jungle with the local resident – a crazy monkey;
  • Book of Ra. By choosing a slot machine Book of Ra, the user can follow in the footsteps of the pharaohs and get into the treasury of the Egyptian rulers;
  • StarBurst. It is one of the brightest slots, mesmerizing players with lots of colorful sparkling diamonds;
  • Fruit Cocktail. The machine guarantees the maximum pleasure and benefits from the game. Juicy fruits and berries provide the opportunity to pluck a hefty sum;
  • Sizzling Hot. Another popular slot machine from the fruit series. Slot also allows the player to combine a pleasant pastime with solid cash winning;
  • Queen of Hearts. This slot is an excellent option for romantic couples wishing to immerse themselves in the fabulous atmosphere of love. The funny thing is that both women and men are equally among the fans of Queen of Hearts.


  • PC; 
  • PS5; 
  • PS4; 
  • Xbox Series; 
  • Xbox One; 
  • Nintendo Switch.

A free third-person action game that is often referred to as a cheap Destiny clone. Yes, the concept of the games is similar: there are story and side quests, lots of grind and combat. But Warframe has its unique features. To begin with, at least the arsenal, because, in addition to conventional weapons, the player is armed with a battlesuit – the very Warframe. The outfit gives unique bonuses and abilities. In the co-op, all this is revealed even better. The authors regularly support the game with additions with new costumes, weapons, and large-scale lines of quests.

Apex Legends

  • PC; 
  • PS4; 
  • Xbox One;
  • Nintendo Switch.

Another battle royale, but with unique characters and gameplay. In Apex Legends, battle teams of three people each, so you’ll have to cooperate one way or another. And here, the abilities of the heroes will help. One, for example, can create a portal and get the whole team out of trouble, and the second will surround the squad with protective structures. The game is known as a significant pioneer in royal battles. It was the first to introduce a one-button tactical marking system and implement reviving partners’ mechanics. But, as you can notice, the modern online shooter can only do with it.

Call of Duty: Warzone

  • PC; 
  • PS4; 
  • Xbox One.

Activision also decided to excite the popular genre and released its Battle Royale. And the game pulled off a real coup. The shooter attracted many players and was loved by all fans of fast gameplay Call of Duty. It is obvious that the publisher took into account all the mistakes of Blackout Battle Royale from Black Ops 4 and looked at the successful solutions of competitors.

Warzone stands out for its gameplay – it’s fast, fast-paced, and arcade-like, which, at the expense of armor, blends very well with the local kill time. That said, the game also has its chips. For active loitering and completing local tasks, players earn money, for which you can call up artillery, buy a set of armor or revive a partner. 

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