6 most effective tips for designing a small bathroom

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With the ever increasing population, there is a rising need for more houses and this thus results in the shrinking of their sizes. If you too are someone who owns a small abode and has a tiny bathroom space, then designing it could be really tricky. Trying to fit everything in the small space could be really challenging but with certain smart tips and tricks, you might be able to find a solution.  Here are some of the most effective tips for designing a small bathroom:

  • Install the sink in the corner

Sinks form one of the most important and space taking item in any bathroom. Pedestal sinks do not work well in small bathrooms and hence it is a good idea to install a corner sink. A corner sink not only makes the space look bigger but also makes it convenient to place the shower and the toilet seat comfortably.

  • Mount the vanity above the floor

Vanities are important for storage purpose in bathrooms but those that are placed on the floor may take up a lot of room. But a smart tip for designing a small bathroom is to mount the vanity on the wall and above the floor. This may not really free the walking space but creates an illusion of more free space. Also, you can place things under it, thus creating more storage for yourself.

Mount Vanity above from floor

Image Credits: Flickr

  • Do not use a shower door

If you are planning on getting a shower door in that little space, then you need to give up on the idea. A shower door creates a lot of obstruction in a small bathroom and may make it impossible for you to walk comfortably in it. It is a better idea to use a shower curtain instead.

  • Expand the size of the mirror

Another fabulous tip for designing a small bathroom is to expand the size of the mirror. Mirrors create an illusion of more space and will make your bathroom appear much bigger.  Also, it enables two people to use the bathroom simultaneously.

Expand mirror size to design small bathroomsImage Credits:torange.biz

  • Use the space above the toilet for counter

You can also extend the counter of your bathroom space above the toilet to add more functionality to it and to be able to give it a unique look.  The counter can be made of either stone or wood and can be used to place towels or shower accessories.


  • Try to round the vanity

Square or rectangular vanities with sharp edges may not work very well in small spaces and this is why it is a good idea to round or curve your vanity. Besides avoiding accidents from sharp edges, it also creates a little more space for you.

These fantastic small bathroom designing tips work well every time and do not require too much extra effort from your side. It is better to do your research thoroughly as far as buying mirrors, toilets, vanities etc are concerned so as to design the best space possible

Avoid shower doors for designing small bathrooms

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