4 different ways to dress and stylize your windows

There are many enhancing ways to dress a window. Every method has its own style, texture and functionality. All these ways to dress and stylize your windows are made for the same purpose, which is to cover the window: control the amount of light that gets in, add style to your space, provide much needed privacy and enhance comfort of your room. So what you choose depends on your taste and preference; window design and budget.

Following are the ways to dress and stylize your windows:

Curtains: Everyone’s favorite

Types of curtains

Curtains are usually made from a lightweight and sheer fabric and hang from a rod above the window. They are more casual way of dressing a window. They provide little privacy and obstruct some light but create great ambiance. You can stylize your simple curtains by tying them back with contrasting ribbons and embellishments. (Image source: www.countrycurtains.com)

Drapes: Heavy and formal

Difference between curtain and drapes

Drapes are more formal and stylish unlike curtains which can be  just opened and closed by hand. They are made from heavy-weight fabric and are mostly pleated.  They block out maximum light, provide proper insulation and much needed privacy to your space. They impart a classy and royal look to a room. (Image source: www.curtaincitynewyork.com)

Blinds: The minimalist

Wooden blind on window

Blinds on windows can transform your simple looking room into a subtly classy space in no time. If you are oriented towards minimalist  decor trends then blinds are the right choice for you. Most blinds for windows have slats made with fabric, metal, wood, bamboo and plastic. They are available in both pattern i.e. vertical and horizontal blinds. (Image source: www.juliestyle.net)

Roller blinds (one with continuous piece of fabric) are quite popular these days.

Window shades

There are plenty of options out there in colors, designs and fabrics for roller blinds. (Image source: www.polesandblinds.com)

Shades: Simply useful

Window shades

Shades are also simple way to dress windows. They allow natural light in while maintaining moderate privacy in your room. They are stylish, sleek and perfect for office space and study room. There is lot of choices in materials like solid plastic, fabric, wood or bamboo. You can always control and adjust the length of shade as per your requirement. (Image source: www.artfulhome.in)

 (Cover image source: www.brit.co)

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    Curtains and drapes are classic window treatments that can add elegance and softness to a room. Choose fabrics, colors, and patterns that complement our decor. We can opt for sheer curtains for a light and airy look or heavier drapes for a more formal appearance.
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    Curtains are a popular choice for window dressing. They are usually made from lightweight and sheer fabric and hang from a rod above the retro bowl window. Curtains are a more casual way of dressing a window, providing a certain level of privacy while allowing some light to filter through

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