Your 6 personal items that are hot spot for germs to linger

Most germ infected items in home

Most of us think that the dirtiest place in our home where germs and bacteria stubbornly linger is a bathroom. However you may be shocked to know there are many of your personal items that are hot spot for germs than a toilet bowl.

You will surprised to find that the following 6 personal items that are hot spot for germs more than your bathroom:


Complete home cleaning

Most people use their toothbrush twice a day, rinse it off and put it away moist. Germs and bacteria love moisture and grow quickly on the toothbrush. Also a lot of people keep their toothbrush in the same room as the toilet which is already contaminated by fecal bacteria and virus.

Solution: Place your toothbrush in a ventilated cover and at a place where it can dry between uses. Also do not keep it too close to the toilet. Replace your toothbrush regularly, particularly after you’ve been ill. Close the toilet lid before flushing and keep it closed after use.

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Germ free home

According to experts, your towels could be the most germ-infested item in a house. This is because they retain moisture for a long time period allowing harmful germs to breed and survive

Solution: Wash the towels every 3-4 days with a good quality detergent and then disinfect them with an antibacterial solution. Always dry them under bright sunlight.

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Germ free home

Your comfy pillows are one of the favorite places of germs and bacteria. You rest your head on pillow, rub your face, drop them on floor, and sometime cough and sneeze.

Solution: Wash and disinfect both pillow and covers frequently and particularly after you have been ill.

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Complete home cleaning

In many households computer or laptop keyboard may breed more germ than even the toilet bowl. The gaps of the keyboard that are very difficult to clean are breeding ground for germs and bacteria. The keyboard gets dirty from the sweat and dirt from your finger. It also gets contaminated by the fool crumbs and beverage spills.

Solution Clean the dirt and food crumbs with laptop duster. Also wipe it with anti-bacterial solution.

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Mobile Phone

Mobile phone cleaning

You carry your mobile phone everywhere; home, office, washrooms, market, movie theater and where not. The millions of germs and bacteria on your mobile phone may surprise you.

Solution: Wipe the complete phone with antibacterial solution or sanitizer every week. Try not to carry your mobile phone to wash rooms.

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Money & Cards

Most germ infested areas in home

You know it well that money and credit or debit cards are handled by many different people and everyone is not so hygienic. This allows harmful bacteria to flourish on the money and cards you exchange.

Solution: Give cards a quick clean with a sanitized wipe once in a while and allow to air dry before placing them back in your wallet.

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