Best Way to Keep Your Carpets Clean

For years, carpets have kept homes warmer during the cold winter months and are a great compliment in interior décor. The caveat with owning multiple carpets, however, has to do with keeping them clean. While they are a great choice when it comes to improving living spaces, they can be a hiding spot for harmful germs. Additionally, carpets tend to wear out fast especially in high trafficked areas around the house, and it all boils down to the type of maintenance practices that go with it. 

But with life getting busier, finding the time to perform deep-cleaning tasks on the carpet is almost next to impossible. So, how can you ensure that your carpets are ever clean and smelling good? Below are proven ways on how to keep your carpets clean.

Consider Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaners

Even with time on your hands, there’s a level of cleaning that you cannot achieve when cleaning your carpets with DIY hacks. You might argue that you have one of the best vacuum cleaners in your neighborhood but that is no match to the industrial vacuum cleaner used by professional carpet cleaners. These machines have strong suction capabilities to help get rid of tough stains and entrenched dirt from within any type of carpet. Whether it’s your car’s upholstery or the carpets and rugs in your home, you will never go wrong with expert carpet cleaning services from experienced cleaners. You can schedule an annual carpet cleaning or, depending on the traffic in your home, at least twice a year. Some benefits of hiring professional carpet cleaners include:

  • It will save you time and its cost-efficient
  • They have vast knowledge and experience in carpet cleaning services
  • They have quality cleaning equipment and cleaning products that are safe on your carpets
  • It will enhance your carpet’s lifespan
  • They stay updated with the latest carpet cleaning technology

Treat Minor Stains Immediately

You don’t have to wait for a major spillage to get your carpets cleaned. The longer stains sit on the carpets, the tougher they are to get rid of later. This is not to forget that without regular cleaning, carpets can harbor mold, allergens, and microscopic agents of disease. Those living with cats or puppies know this all too well. When left untreated, pet messes generate odors and this will affect the indoor air quality in your home. To clean minor messes, blot them out with a clean rag or paper towel. It’s a common mistake for homeowners to rub stains from the carpets. This will only spread the stain to a wider area and in so doing, creating a bigger mess. There are stain removers specifically engineered to take care of minor carpet stains that come in the form of sprays. These are a great option when it comes to on-the-spot-cleaning the carpet.

Implement a No-Shoe Policy

A lot of dirt that’s tracked into your house comes from shoes. It gets even worse during the wet seasons of the year and this can be hard bearing on your valuable carpets. Banishing shoes from your house means that you can have a sacred place to relax after a long day of work while at the same time, giving your carpets some breathing time. Remember, the more you clean your carpets, the more you degrade them. It also means that you’ll be using the vacuum cleaner regularly, and this can cause your utility bills to spike. Implementing a no-shoe policy will help to reduce the amount of dirt and toxins brought into the house and will save you a big buck in the long run.

Replace AC Air Filters

The air conditioner does more than provide you with clean breathable air. It helps to reduce the amount of dust circulating in your home, meaning that there will be less dust falling on the carpets. Now, this is not only a good practice that is beneficial to your carpets but it will also help to boost your AC’s performance and efficiency. On top of getting an AC service at least once a year, households with pets should have the AC filters replaced regularly. This will help minimize the number of dust mites, allergens, and fur in the circulating indoor air. 

Invest In Quality Rugs

Another way to protect your carpets and keep them clean would be to invest in quality rugs, especially for high-traffic areas and entrance points in your home. Modern carpets are not only expensive to purchase but are also expensive to maintain. One of the benefits of area rugs is that they can help prolong the lifespan of your carpets. Having rags placed at the entrance points in your home will help to minimize the amount of debris tracked on the carpets. This will reduce regular cleaning while at the same time, protecting your valuable carpets.

Avoid Synthetic Carpet Cleaners

If you are considering investing in carpet cleaning products, insist on cleaners labeled biodegradable or plant-based. This is especially the case if you have toddlers who are still crawling on the carpets or pets. Safer cleaning products are a great alternative as they’ll also be friendly to the environment. Harsh chemicals will damage your carpets, speed up their deterioration, and they’ll be harmful to your pets. Alternatively, you can try homemade remedies such as vinegar or bicarbonate soda in carpet cleaning.

Invest In the Right Type of Carpet

When it comes to investing in a carpet, it’s imperative to base your decision on room functionality. It will be impractical to invest in a multilayered white carpet just to lay it in your garage. Also, consider the type of material used. Nylon carpets are a great choice in high traffic areas and are durable at that. Additionally, choose colors that can hide stains. This especially makes a lot of sense when picking a carpet for your man cave.

With any type of investment, comes the responsibility to ensure that they are well maintained, and carpets are not exceptions. Keeping your carpets clean at all times will prolong their lifespan, while at the same time, help improve hygiene in your home. The above tips will go a long way to ensure that you achieve this and much more.

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