5 smart tips to eliminate bad odor from bathroom

Remove bad odor from bathroom

There is no house  that at some time or the other has not faced the problem of bad odor in bathroom.  Bathroom is a place which has humidity and moisture all the time. Moisture and water acts as breeding ground for germs and bacteria which leads to bad smell in bathroom. Many times small plumbing issues also cause foul smell in bathroom. Here are few tips to eliminate bad odor and keep your bathroom fresh all the time:

Get  faulty plumbing repaired

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Clogged drains, dry pipes, cracks in waste water pipes, cracks in floor tiles etc. cause a lingering fouls smell in your bathroom. So call a plumber and take care of these plumbing issues. To understand how these plumbing issues lead to bad smell in bathroom, read 3 plumbing issues that cause bad odor in your bathroom

Sunlight kills germs & bacteria

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Bathrooms have moisture and water all the time. Moisture and water acts as breeding ground for germs, and bacteria which leads to bad smell in bathroom. Sunlight is said to kill bacteria. So open out the windows and let sunlight and fresh air in bathroom. This will also remove bad odor. Also after every shower or wash wipe out water from the wet floor.

Regularly clean your bathroom

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Clean and sanitize your bathroom. Use cleaners and disinfectants to clean the toilet pot, wash basin and bath tub. Use home made floor cleaners or chemical cleaners to clean bathroom floor. Clean or change the floor mats, as they retain water and dust, which gives off foul smell. Wash all surfaces and accessories in your bathroom and wipe them dry.

Say no to wet towels in bathroom

Remove bad odor in bathroom

Never leave wet towels and clothes in bathroom. Wet towels and clothes do not dry out properly in the bathroom and give off a stink. Dry your used towels under the natural light of sun.

Exhaust fan & Air freshener

bathroom freshners

An exhaust fan is must in a bathroom. It removes moisture and bad odor from the bathroom and keeps it dry and fresh all the time.

Air fresheners give a lovely scent to bathroom and keep it fresh all the time. Scented candles or sticks are also good options.

The above tips to eliminate bad odor will not only clear out bad odor from your bathroom but will also reduce germs and bacterial growth in bathroom.

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    I appreciate these smart tips for eliminating bad odors from the bathroom. From using natural deodorizers like baking soda and vinegar to ensuring proper ventilation, these suggestions are practical and effective. Maintaining a fresh and pleasant bathroom environment is essential, and these tips will certainly come in handy. Thanks for sharing!

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    This is a great article thanks! We have mold in the shower, so I will have to scrub that out with thorough cleaning. Also, the overflow on our bathroom sinks tend to smell a bit. I’ve tried putting bleach down them, but the next day they’re stinky again. Any suggestions?

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