Fall cleaning checklist: tips and ideas

fall cleaning checklist
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When it is autumn season and fall is knocking on the door, then the one thing that we all get excited about are the holidays that are soon going to come as well. Holiday season means a stream of guests and relatives coming to our houses and this is something that calls for proper cleaning of the house. If you are confused about where to begin and how to go about, then we have the perfect fall cleaning checklist for you. The following are some tips and ideas on fall cleaning checklist that might prove handy:

Outside the house

Fall cleaning checklist for the exterior of your house:

  • Make sure you clean and store the outdoor furniture, toys and umbrellas etc properly as you will no longer need to spend much time outside. They must be cleaned using a clean cloth and commercial cleaner if required.
  • Besides this, you can touch up paint on the railings, decks etc so that they look good and new.  This also helps to hide the irregularities. Moreover it adds a layer over the old rotten finish.
  • Check all the exterior doors like that of the garage etc to ensure they are properly working and are tight enough when closed.
  • Wash all the windows from the outside and drain water out of garden hoses to store them properly. Use pressure washing to clean the driveway and roof etc.
  • Check all gutters and chimneys to ensure they are clean and clear off any debris you see.
  • Do not let water collect and make sure the fallen leaves and wood pieces are cleared out.

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Inside the house

Fall cleaning checklist for the interior of the house:

  • Clean from top to bottom and not the other way round.  Whether it is vacuuming curtains, or cleaning cupboard shelves etc, clean the top first and then make your way to the bottom.
  • The main areas of focus should be entryway, living room, kitchen, bathrooms and guestrooms.
  • Wash all the interior windows and check their locks from inside.
  • Turn the mattresses over from front to bottom and from end to end to equalize the wear.
  • Make sure the kitchen is cleaned and old supplies which have expired are gotten rid off.  Ensure that you have got everything needed for holiday cooking.
  • Clean the countertops, empty the refrigerator, clean it and arrange the needed items back again.
  • Store the appliances that are not needed now and take out those which you are more likely to use in fall season.
  • Inspect all the appliances, clean them and make sure they are working fine.
  • Now that you won’t be using the air conditioner and the fans, make sure you clean them before turning them off for the season.
  • Check the furnace and clean it properly so that it can be used in the chilly fall months.
  • Drain water and sediment from hot water heaters and ready them up for the winters.
interior cleaning

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Now that you know the wonderful fall cleaning checklist ideas and tips, you won’t face a problem this time around. There are many professional or commercial cleaning services which you can hire for this purpose and one such can be contacted through Mr Right services.

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