Deep clean your bathroom for the health and hygiene of your family

Bathroom cleaning service

Statistics show that an average person goes to bathroom at least 6 times in a day. Your bathroom is a hot spot for fecal germs and bacteria to linger and breed. Therefore the health and hygiene of your family depends to a large extent on a clean and fresh bathroom. You must take out time every weekend to deep clean your bathroom. For systematic cleaning of bathroom you need right cleaners and right brushes. This deep cleaning will ensure that all the areas, corners, fitting and fixtures in your bathroom are completely clean, sparkly and germ-free.

Deep clean your bathroom in these 8 focus areas:

Toilet seat

Bathroom cleaning tips

A toilet bowl carries millions of harmful germs and bacteria. Toilet bowl must be cleaned at least 2 times in a week with an effective antibacterial toilet cleaner. Spray the cleaner properly on the toilet ensuring that the cleaner is applied under the rim and corners. Let it sit for a while (at least 7-10 minutes) and then apply the cleaning brush with a hard hand to remove the dirt and grime. Finally wash the toilet with clean water.

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Wash basin and bathtub

Complete bathroom cleaning

Clean the wash basin and bathtub with a good quality cleaner to remove scum and dirt build-up. Spray the cleaner on the inner and outer area of basin and tub (do not miss the corners). Let it sit for a couple of minutes and then apply the cleaning brush to remove the dirt. Finally rinse off the tub and basin with clean water. These days a number of good quality aromatic cleaners are available in the market that leave a nice fragrance in your bathroom after cleaning. (Picture Source:

Shower glass

Tips for cleaning shower glass

Over time hard water spots and soap scum build up on the shower glass and wears away the shine and transparency of the glass door. Spray the glass cleaner on the shower glass and wipe it with a cotton cloth. If you want to use a home made cleaner than white vinegar will do the trick. Warm a cup of vinegar and mix it with a cup of warm water. Fill the solution in a spray bottle. Spray the solution on the glass door and leave it for a minute. Scrub the surface of the glass door using a sponge. You don’t have to scrub hard or for long. The scum will come out easily. Finally rinse off the glass with warm water and dry it with a cotton cloth. The pungent smell of vinegar will go away after few showers.

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Tiles and grouts

floor srubbing

Over time dirt and grime get accumulated on the tiles and in space between tiles called grout. Tiles can be cleaned easily with a good cleaner and brush. Grout area is hard to clean and usually missed during tile cleaning. Clean the grout with a fine toothbrush and good quality cleaner or detergent. Although the cleaning process requires a lot of strength and effort but it definitely pays off in the end. (Picture Source:

Faucets and fitting

How to clean faucet

When you clean your bathroom do not forget the faucets and metal fittings. Cleaning removes dampness and dirt from the faucets and make them germ-free and shining. First wipe the metal surface to remove loose dust and dirt. For deep cleaning apply the detergent and water mix on the faucet and let it stay for few minutes before you wipe it with a sponge or a cotton cloth. Finally rinse off with clean water and rub them to dry. (Picture Source:

Hard to reach corners

Deep clean your bathroom

Do not miss the tough corners and the area behind the toilet, wash basin, tub, shower area. Clean these hard to reach areas with detergent and water mix and let it soak for a few minutes. This will easily remove the accumulated grime when you scrub it with a brush. Finally rinse off the detergent from the scrubbed areas with clean water. (Picture Source:

Mirror and fixtures

Mirror cleaning

The moisture and dirt in the bathroom makes the mirror and other fixtures like towel rings or holders, soap holder and placement counter dull and dirty. Spray cleaner on these fixtures and wipe them with a fine cotton cloth or paper towel. (Picture Source:

Exhaust fan and light

Complete bathroom cleaning service

Over time lot of dust gets accumulated on the exhaust fan and light fixtures. Switch off the fan and lights and wipe off dust with a fine damp cotton cloth. Let the moisture dry before you turn on the power.

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When you clean your bathroom do not forget to arrange the cabinet and placement counter. Throw away the empty and expired bottles of toiletries. Wipe off the bottles to remove any dust and spillage. Arrange the toiletries neatly on the counter or holder.

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