7 smart tips to dust proof your home

Vacuum clean couch

Dusting is an essential and most common task in home cleaning. In India where there is so much dust and smoke in the outside environment, daily dusting becomes very important. It is true that you cannot dust proof your home entirely. But you can do a lot to reduce it.

Here are some tips to dust proof your home easily:

  1. No shoes rule : The dirt and dust that enter your home through shoe can surprise you. This dust gets accumulated on you furniture and floor. So to overcome this issue make a “no shoe rule” in your home. Make a room or corner in your home where you can remove your shoes before entering in your house.
  2. A door mat at every door: Keep a welcome mat at entrance of every room. As a result of this very little dust will enter your home. Also do not forget to clean the door mat once in two weeks to remove the accumulated dust from the door mat.
  3. Beat your cushions and rugs : Cushions and rugs are dust magnets. Dust gets attracted towards them and get stored. So clean your rugs and cushions frequently to remove the dust that has accumulate over a period of time. Take your cushions and rugs outside( to garden area or on terrace) and beat the dust out of them. Also wash the removable cushion covers and rugs once in a month.
  4. Vacuum your couch: Couches with upholstery fabric absorbs dust very easily. Also dust settles mostly on horizontal surface. Therefore it is recommended to vacuum or beat such couches once in every 2-3 weeks to remove the dust stored in them.
  5. Clean your carpet: Carpets are dust reservoir. It is a big source of fibers and absorbs dust like a sponge. The padding underneath carpet holds dust which goes into air with each footstep. Therefore to get rid of dust, vacuum large carpets once every month. Beat and shake the small bedside carpets every week (do this in your garden or terrace not inside your home).
  6. Out-of-reach areas & corners : The areas below the couches, beds and the difficult corners are not cleaned every day. Over time dust and fiber gets accumulated in such zone.So clean these out of reach areas once in 2 weeks to go away with the stored dust.
  7. Use the right method and duster : Usually what happens that the dust you wipe or beat from one object sits on some other object. This is because we choose the wrong duster and wrong method for dusting. Always use wet cotton cloth or wipes. Regular dusting will make your home free from dust.

Fighting with dust is a battle which you can never win as it is almost impossible to completely dust proof your home. But you can definitely make it difficult for this invader to enter your home. With the above tip, you can reduce dust in your home significantly.

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Stay Clean! Stay Happy!

Team Mr.Right

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