Deep clean your expensive carpets to restore their original look

Carpet cleaning service

In the lifetime of every carpet there comes a time when vacuuming can no longer restore it’s clean look. It is when the need to deep clean your expensive carpets comes into picture. There are few hints that tell you clearly that its time for the carpet to undergo deep cleaning: carpet feels sticky and extremely dirty; carpet no longer has it’s original color or carpet releases dust when anyone walks or runs over it.

It is always recommended to call professional cleaners for carpet cleaning. The professional cleaners have access to the best cleaning material, necessary tools and expertise for the job. But if you want to do it yourself, you would need a good carpet cleaner (carpet shampoo) and the extraction or cleaning machine.

Before you start to deep clean your expensive carpets, it is very important to check the carpet for color fastness. Apply a little shampoo on a cotton cloth and rub it over a small area (choose area that is usually hidden under furniture). If the cotton cloth does not pick up any color from the carpet, it is probable safe to use the shampoo for cleaning the whole carpet. But if the color comes out then you need to buy a milder cleaning agent. Again a professional can help you in choosing the right cleaner for your carpet. (Picture Source:

Tips for removing stains on carpet

After the carpet has cleared the color fastness test vacuum it thoroughly to remove the layer of loose dust and dirt. Then spot clean and remove stains before starting the shampooing process. (Picture Source:

Vacuum cleaning carpet

To start the shampoo cleaning process, remove all the furniture and items from the carpet and take it to an open area. Following the manufacturers instruction given on the cleaner apply the shampoo on the carpet. Clean the carpet following the cleaning instruction.  Do not apply heavy pressure while cleaning as it might damage the carpet fabric. Once the cleaning process is complete, let the carpet dry out completely before placing it back.

Carpet dry cleaning service

There are 2 very important rules of carpet cleaning:

Rule number 1

Tips for cleaning carpet

Clean the carpet immediately as soon as you see any spills. If you clean the spill when it is fresh, there is a higher chance that you might remove it completely. (Picture Source:

Rule number 2

How to clean carpet

Vacuum the carpets once in 2 weeks and more often in high traffic areas. Frequent cleaning and vacuuming prolongs the life of carpets by preventing the buildup of dust and stickiness. (Picture Source:

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