The right way to deal with water damage

How to deal with water damage
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Water is an essential element in human life, we cannot survive without it. But this life-saving water causes serious damage to the human lives when an emergency comes and disrupts the normal day to day life. Excess water can take the form of a flood which is a natural calamity and you cannot prevent it. Whatever be the amount of water damage, whether it is a flood or a minor leakage in the household, it creates a problem for homeowners. We will discuss here how to deal with water damage considering all the aspects.

Water damage caused by a household pipe burst

If the water damage is caused by a pipe burst at home or a water heater failure, you must cut down the main water line in your home. However, if you cannot establish from where the excess water is coming then call a plumbing professional in your area.

Water damage caused by a household pipe burst

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Cut off the power supply to deal with excess water

When you find your home is inundated with water, the first cut off the electricity and gas from the main water source. Do not touch any electrical appliances without proper caution. In situations when you need to stand in water to cut the power supply, you should call or consult an electrician. These are essential step to minimize the water damage.

Establish the water damage

Before you start cleaning your home, first check if rebuilding your home will be a good option. Take help of insurance and try to cover the water damage.

Find your valuable possessions

If you are successfully removing the most important items like money, jewellery then you should not spend time in extracting other items. Because water damage will still be going on.

Pump out the standing water

If you see the water is not moving in your house, then pump them out, otherwise, it will cause more damage to your house. When you see the situation is under control, try to pump out the excess water from your house. When it comes to flood water, reduce them to the level much below of your house. Protect yourself by wearing all safety equipment’s like rubber boots, gloves, and a mask or respirator while doing that. These are contaminated water and keep small children and pets away from it.

Cleaning up to reduce the water damage

The mud which is left behind by the excess water caused by flood contain toxins and this is harmful to the human body. Remove them and wash your walls with clean water. Be careful about snakes and rats which often take shelter in flooded places. Let the appliances get dried in your house till you start using them.

Check the mould caused by excess water

After the flood, moulds might grow in air ducts, crawl spaces, rafters, and between walls. A musty earth smell is something indicative of mould, even if you cannot notice them. They grow in places where there is excessive moisture. Open the windows of your house to let air come inside and lower down the humidity level.

Check the mould caused by excess water

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Other necessary steps to deal with excess water

Remove all damp items including furniture, carpets, toys, etc. from the area and clean the all the items at home. Wash the materials with hot water and soap. Use a good disinfectant. It is better to hire a professional cleaner like us Mr right services to remove mould from your house. Consider using a brush if necessary.

If your house is in a flood-prone area, use water-resistant materials while rebuilding your house. Use stone, tile, sealed concrete, waterproof wallboard etc. to safeguard your home from the perils of excess water.

Check if there is any leakage and cracks come out in your doors and windows. You will need to repaint your home as there will be discolouration in the paint. Give proper attention to the chimney and vents and see if they are in good condition. Treat any cracks in the foundation level, otherwise, it will cause serious damage to the building.

Same wise, check your home plumbing system for any cracks and leakage in the pipes, drains, etc. Repair them at once. Check your washing machine and dishwasher if they are in proper condition.

It is better to trust on a professional who will do the entire cleaning up process from removing the damaged stuff to cleaning the items that can be reused. This process of remediation should be done by a professional to minimize the level if water damage and health risk.

In the kitchen area also, you should give proper attention. Water might reach into the cabinetry and you need to clean them. You need to dry them out through drilling. Then you can repair the holes when you rebuild your home. In the same manner, when it comes to clean your flooring, the professional you contacted will so the necessary.

These are the required steps about how to deal with water damage immediately after a flood or a household leakage.

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