Fantastic home cleaning tips for dog owners

home cleaning tips for dog owners
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Having a dog as your pet can be a superb feeling. But at the same time this also increases some of your responsibilities and work load. For example, dog owners need to do extra when it comes to cleaning their homes and keeping them maintained. For pet owners, the tips and methods to clean the house can vary from others as they need to be extra careful and may also need to use certain different home cleaning products. This is why we have brought some fantastic home cleaning tips for dog owners.

1. Cleaning dog urine

If you’re having a dog as a pet at home then it is likely that he will pass urine in the house despite of training him not to do so. The best way to clean it is by sprinkling a little bit of baking soda on the urine and leaving it there for 4-5 minutes. Wipe off with a mop or cloth. You can also use a lemon brown sugar spray for cleaning the urine so that the odor also goes off. Some other things you can include are Neem leaves, dish wash clean liquid and even vinegar.

use baking soda for cleaning

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2. Getting rid of dog hair from the house

Another home cleaning tips for dog owners is removing dog hair regularly. You can use an inflated balloon to attract all the dog’s hair from clothes, carpet and the floor. Even latex gloves work very well when it comes to cleaning dog hair from the house. Some other methods that work include vacuum cleaner, sticky tape, lint roller and others.

use lint roller to remove dog hair

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3. Getting rid of dog smell from the house

When it comes to cleaning, you must also focus on removing the bad odours from the house. This is why dog smell too must be removed on an everyday basis.  You can make use of baking soda as it removes smell from the surroundings and also from clothes etc. It can be used as a dry shampoo, as an air freshener, with a detergent and also by making a smell absorbing spray. Another fabulous way to remove dog smell is by using incense sticks. This is not only a convenient method but also a rather pocket friendly one to remove the smell.  You can also use a homemade lemon spray by mixing lemon juice, brown sugar and some water.

4. General cleanliness

It is important for dog owners to wash their hands regularly and make sure their dog takes a bath every once in a while to avoid germs, diseases and infections. Also, buy cleaners and other cleaning products which are suitable for your dog and do not trigger allergic reactions in them. It is important to maintain good standards of cleanliness in the house on an everyday basis since dogs can litter the place very quickly.

Follow these fantastic home cleaning tips for dog owners and make your house clean, hygienic and free from germs and infections.

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