How to keep hardwood floor shiny and spotless?

Clean & Shiney wooden floor

Hardwood floor add warmth and elegance to your home. But it requires regular cleaning and maintenance to keep hardwood floor shiny. So if you put in some efforts and follow some preventive measures, the beauty of hardwood floor can last a lifetime.

Here are the dos and don’ts for cleaning wooden floor and keeping it spotless :


If you want to keep hardwood floor shiny and at its best then :

  • Perform daily cleaning i.e swipe up dirt and spills.
  • Do a weekly cleaning using manufactures recommended wooden floor cleaners. Spray the cleaner and never pour it directly on the floor. And after spraying the cleaner mop the floor dry.
  • If you use water to mop floor, use it in sparing amount and ensure that the mop is not dripping with water.
  • Use soft and non- scratching fibrous cloths for moping. They are best for picking up dust and dirt without leaving any mark or scratch on floor.
  • Always use soft acrylic bristle brooms for cleaning.
  • Put rugs in high-traffic areas, use entry door mats at doorways to reduce wear and place felt pads on the feet of furniture to minimize scrapes.
  • If you have indoor-outdoor pets, keep their paws free of dirt, grease and oil. Also keep their nails trimmed, so they don’t scratch up the floor.


  • Whatever may be type of finish of your hardwood floor, do not use dripping water for cleaning (like you use for your stone or marble floor). Water and wood do not gel up together. In fact they are each others enemy. Excessive moisture can make the wood swell.
  • Never use ammonia and harsh abrasive cleaners as they can cause permanent damage to the floor
  • Do not use vinegar solution to clean the floor as it can damage the floor finish.
  • Do not use furniture sprays for cleaning purpose as they can leave a slippery build up on the floor.
  • Avoid using lemon and other citrus product for spot cleaning. They can slowly eat away floor’s finish.
  • Never let dust, moisture and spills to accumulate on the floor.
  • Do not use hard- bristle brooms as they can scratch the floor.
  • Never drag furniture on the wooden floor. It can leave marks and scratch on the floor
  • Avoid walking on the wooden floor wearing heels and stilettos.

Hardwood floor do require some extra care and caution, but the beauty and warmth that it provides to your home, makes it worth the efforts.

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Stay happy! Stay Blessed!

Team Mr.Right

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