Simple cleaning mistakes you didn’t know you were making

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It is a fact that only a few people on the planet really enjoying the process of cleaning while the rest just want to get done with it as quickly as possible.  Without even realizing it, you could be making several cleaning mistakes which can either cause damage or may just increase the workload for you. This is why it is important to know the mistakes so that you can avoid them. The following are some of the simplest cleaning mistakes that you didn’t even know you were making.

1. Not cleaning your vacuum cleaner and other cleaning items

while we use the vacuum cleaner to clean so many spaces around the house, how often do we remember to clean it? Well it is one of the simple cleaning mistakes that must be avoided. You must always clean the vacuum cleaner and other cleaning products every once in a while to make sure it works in perfect condition.  It may accumulate hair particles, dirt and debris which must be removed regularly.

vacuum cleaner

Image Credits: Wikimedia CommonsUsing liquid cleaning products on electronics


2. Using liquid cleaning products on electronics

Another one of the simple cleaning mistakes to avoid is using liquid cleaning products on electronic items. Even a little bit of liquid can damage your electronics and this is why you must be very careful while cleaning things near your electronics.

avoid liquid cleaners on electronics

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3. Wiping floor with the sink sponge

One of the most common yet simple cleaning mistake that people make without realizing is wiping the floors with the sink sponge. It is important to have separate sponges for different parts of the house and not mix them with one another.  This is important since the germs on the floor should not come in contact with the sink where you keep your plates and other utensils.

4. Not handling carpet stains immediately is one of the simple cleaning mistakes to avoid

Carpet stains can be really difficult to remove and especially when they are not dealt with immediately. To remove them, you can use a towel to soak the material that has been spilled over the carpet. it is important not to rub the area. You can also use a layer of bi-carb soda over the spill in order to soak it.

5. Not cleaning the dustbin on a regular basis

The dustbin is a really integral parts of the house and infact every room separately. It collects various kinds of dirt, waste and filth and thus it is important that we clean it every now and then thoroughly.  It can accumulate germs very quickly and hence every few days, you can fill it with soapy water and let it soap completely for a few minutes. Remove the water and let it dry out in the sun for complete cleaning.

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