How to get rid of flying termites in this rainy season

flying termites
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As soon as the rainy water comes, flying termites begin to appear out of nowhere and create quite havoc, especially if you are outdoors. These flying pests can hover around us and may cause a lot of irritation. Not only are they dirty but can also cause infections and diseases in the rainy season. If you are someone who wants to get rid of flying termites in this rainy season, then there are many great methods to do so. Some of them are given as below. The following will explain how to get rid of flying termites in this rainy season:

1. Use bug zappers

  • One of the most effective ways to get rid of flying termites in this rainy season is by making use of bug zappers.
  • Termites like most of the other bugs love light and this is what bug zappers are based on.
  • Basically bug zappers are lights to which termites get attracted and thereby electrocuted. But this method only works if the flying termites are outdoors and hence it is recommended that only professionals use it.
  • The key behind this method is to shut off all the lights in your home and try to remove outside light too.
  • These zappers can be purchased easily from the market or online.

Here are some Bug Zappers you can find online:-

  1. KATTICH Electronic Bug Zapper 
  2. FROTH & FLAVOR Flying Insect Killer Machine 
  3. Compact Electronic bug zapper 
  4. H Hy-tec Insect Killer Repellent Machine 
  5. Hygiene Flying Insect Killer Repellent Machine 
bug zappers

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2. Use orange oil spray

  • Another fabulous method which can help you to get rid of flying termites in this rainy season is by using orange oil spray.
  • Orange oil is basically a superb termite killer which contains a compound that works effectively. All you need to do is to fill orange oil into a spray bottle and use it in the areas where you see termites the most.
  • Another way to use orange oil is to apply a little bit of it to furniture pieces or windows where termites usually hover around.

Here are some recommendations of Orange Oil you can find online:-

  1. Herbal Strategi Termite Repellent Spray 
  2. All Naturals Orange Essential Oil 
  3. TSBT Cold Pressed Orange Essential Oil 
  4. 2 care orange oil 
  5. Anveya Orange Essential Oil 
orange oil

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3. Take some drastic steps

Flying termites can also be chased out by taking some drastic steps. Some are given as follows:

  • It is important to remember that flying termites are attracted to wood. You can do a few things outside your home to reduce the risk of termites entering it. For example, remove mulch from outside the home and use only cedar mulch. Also, you can remove tree stumps or other wood pieces lying outside your home. You can also floor the soil of landscaping as this is a proven method to kill termites.
  • You must also repair leaking faucets, air conditioning units and water pipes. Also try and keep gutters and downsprouts free of debris.
  • Install screens to try and avoid entry of these termites indoors.
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Now that you know some great ways and ideas to kill flying termites, you can easily get rid of them. These pests can carry germs which may prove harmful for us. Make sure you use these methods on a regular basis to avoid suffering from any infections. It is important to keep yourself and your surroundings clean at all times and especially during the rainy season. For commercial cleaning services, you can contact Mr Right.

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