How to clean a leather sofa

leather cleaning
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If you are someone who has a leather sofa at home or office then you must realize that it needs constant maintenance and cleaning. Without this, the look and condition of the sofa may deteriorate quickly. However it is important that you follow a proper procedure to clean a leather sofa and do not clean it like any other piece of furniture. This is crucial since leather cannot be cleaned using water.This is why we have brought you a list of tips and suggestions to clean a leather sofa at home and that too properly. They are given as follows:

1. Vacuum the sofa

  • The first step to clean a leather sofa is to vacuum clean at using a soft brush attachment.
  • The dust must be sucked out of all the corners and crevices.
  • It is important to know that that the dust particles are abrasive in nature and can damage the material when they are brought in touch with moisture.
  • Move the cleaner carefully on the entire surface and easy corners.
vacuuming the sofa

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2. Create your own cleaning solution

  • The next step is to make your own cleaning solution by mixing white vinegar and water in equal quantities.
  • If it is not possible for you to make this then you can also buy a commercial leather sofa cleaner and mix a few drops of it in water to use it.
  • Dip a soft cloth in any one of these solutions and wring it properly.
  • Wipe down the leather sofa with this cloth.
  • Make sure you keep dipping it and wringing it as and when required.
cleaning the leather sofa

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3. Dry the sofa

  • This step is extremely important and must not be taken casually.  Without drying the sofa, you may be exposing it to damage.
  • Thus, use a clean towel to dry down the sofa completely.
  • A lot of people make use of a blow dryer to dry the sofa but this is not advisable as this can dehydrate the leather.
drying a leather sofa

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4. Conditioning of the sofa

  • The next step is conditioning of the sofa.
  • For this purpose, you need to mix one part of white vinegar with two parts of linseed oil or flax seed oil.
  • Take a clean and soft cloth and apply this mixture on the sofa in broad and circular motions.
  • Leave it overnight. The next day, use a clean rag to buff the leather as this helps to restore the shine and finish.
conditioning a sofa

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5.Clean the stains

Nobody likes to see or have stains on leather sofa. The cleaning process for it must hence also include removing of stains. For removing stains from the leather sofa, you can follow some of the given steps and ways:

  • The first way to clean stains from a leather sofa is to spray an aerosol hairspray.
  • Some other ways to remove stains from a leather sofa include using a nail polish remover, toothbrush and baby wipes.
  • To remove grease stains, you can sprinkle a little bit of cornstarch or baking soda and dust it off after a few hours.
cleaning stains

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Now that you know how to clean a leather sofa, you can do the cleaning at home on your own. However for professional cleaning of your leather sofa, you can contact Mr Right. You can avail the sofa cleaning service for the same.

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    This is a great article full of good tips, thanks for posting it! We have a leather sofa and I’ve already made it worse by trying to clean it with water and causing more stains. Very annoying…
    The white vinegar mixed with water has worked, at last a method that works. Thank you.

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    You’re right about the store bought leather sofa cleaner. I used one and it took the color right out of my brown leather sofa, so disappointing. Home made cleaning products is a much better way to go and also much gentler on the environment.

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