Fabulous dry carpet cleaning tips and ideas

dry carpet cleaning
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Dry carpet cleaning is a kind of a carpet cleaning method which doesn’t involve using water.  For example if you are going to clean your carpet in the winter months, you might not want to wash your carpet since it will take it a long time to dry up.  This is why the method of dry carpet cleaning is used.  Infact it is important to go for this kind of a process for your carpet every once in a while to keep it from looking old and dirty. There are various ways to clean your carpet without water or other liquids and some of them have been provided for your reference below.

1. Bonnet dry cleaning

Bonnet cleaning is a form of a cleaning method which works well for in-between cleanings.  To know more about it go through the following information:

  • This form does not remove the top soil and proves to be safe for carpet fibres.
  • Also, one speciality of this method is that it does not force the dirt and germs deep into the carpet.
  • A cleaning product is often mixed in with carbonated water and then this mixture is deposited onto the carpet in the form of a spray or mist.
  •   A round buffer is then used to scrub the carpet in a rotating manner.
  • This helps to lift the particles and hence clean the carpet properly.
bonnet dry carpet cleaning

Image Credits: Pixabay

2. Dry foam method

Another dry cleaning method that is used for dry carpet cleaning is dry foam method. Given below are some of its main details:

  • Dry foam is similar to shampooing motion and requires you to do a lot of scrubbing in a strong circular motion.
  • One benefit of this method is that you don’t have to wait for the liquid to evaporate or dry up because bubbles tend to disappear gradually and only a little residue is left to tackle.
  • This method may not really come in the bracket of the conventional dry cleaning methods but is an effective way to clean carpets.
dry foam cleaning

Image Credits: serv-first.com

3. Dry powder dry carpet cleaning method

Another popular dry carpet cleaning method is the dry powder method. To know about it, refer to the following given information:

  • In this method, a dry powder is mixed with an effective cleaning solution and this mix is spread evenly on the carpet.
  • Then a brush is taken and it is used to scrub in the dry powder mixture into the carpet.
  • Dirt and grime gets attracted to it and then the powdered is vacuumed off.
  • The dirt too goes away with it after doing its cleaning work.
  • You won’t need drying time in this method.
dry powder

Image Credits: YouTube.com

These were the top 3 most popular and effective dry carpet cleaning methods. However there are many more which can help clean your carpet effectively. But it is a fact that wet cleaning methods prove more effective and at some point or the other you will have to go for them to take out the persistent stains, dirt particles and all forms of grime.  While it is true that you can do carpet cleaning on your own, you can also opt for professional cleaning services. You can contact one by reaching out to Mr Right for carpet cleaning.

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