Handy tricks to clean home appliances

Refrigerator cleaning Tips

Every home appliance in your home is a significant investment. You paid thousand of rupees to purchase them. With some easy tricks to clean home appliances, you can be very sure that they run efficiently and safely in your home for years ahead.

Use home made chemical free cleaners to clean your appliances.


Wipe the interior of the refrigerator with a home made chemical free cleaner like lemon- water solution or vinegar water solution. These cleaners cleans as well as disinfect. If you are not satisfied with then use mild soap and water solution.


With time ice and frost builds up in the freezer. So depending upon your refrigerator type (frost free or manual) do the cleaning of the freezer twice a year. Empty the freezer, turn off the power supply and allow it to warm at room temperature. Now defrost it and clean the interiors of the freezer with a cloth and a very mild water-detergent solution.

Washing Machine

Regular cleaning of a washing machine removes the detergent build up, grease stuck to the tub and dirt from tub, dispenser and water pipes. Just run the machine with water and 2 cups of lime juice or white vinegar on the hot wash without clothes. Doing this once in 3 months would clean the interior of machine and outlet pipes from all the deposited grease, hard water residue and dirt build up.


Fill a microwave-safe cup with water and lemon solution and place it in the microwave. Heat the solution for 2-3 minutes and then leave the hot dish inside the microwave for about 20 minutes. After the time passes ,remove the cup. The interior of the microwave would become damp due to the steam. Also any food matter or stain sticking to the walls or plate will loosen up. Now wipe the interior with a damp cloth.


Clean the kitchen stove everyday. After you finish cooking wipe off the stove with a damp cloth. For tough stains use mild detergent and water solution. Clean the burner also.If food get stuck in the burner holes, clean it  with a scrub sponge or a tooth brush.


Clean the oven regularly for grease, oil and food debris. Use an oven cleans or  simply a damp cloth to wipe the interiors of the oven.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of these home appliance will extend their operational life and will also give you a good return on your investments. So, follow the above mentioned simple tricks to clean your home appliances.

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