Amazing ways to save money when cleaning your house

clean your house

What if spring season is around the corner and hour house needs that thorough cleaning, but you are a little short of budget, for both buying stuff for cleaning purposes or for hiring a reliable cleaning company? Since cleaning your house is one of the most basic requirement to have a happy and healthy life, there are many other ways you can adapt to keep your cleaning sessions low-key.

If you are a bachelor, living on your own, saving money in whichever forum possible, is only going to be beneficial for you. Therefore, ditch all those costly cleaning services, which generally claim more than they can achieve, and get cleaning and also save a dollar or two for more pressing concerns.

If you are looking to save money while cleaning your house, you could always refer to the following tips-

Borrow what you rarely need

One mistake that you often tend to make is buying stuff for a one-off occasion and then dumping it at a place for the rest of the year. Not only is it a waste of money, but it will also take up some unnecessary space as well. Therefore, if you need something for just a particular situation and you know someone who has it, borrow it from them and use and return it responsibly. Lend something too, if someone asks.

Remove dust from vents using a rag and knife


Some places get dirty easily like bathroom floors, window sills, vents etcetera. Concentrate on these areas first and only once they have been satisfactorily clean, you should go for the less volatile areas. You can take a piece of rag and put it on a knife and clean the vents, for easier access.

Stop collecting, start selling

There must be some items in your house which have run out of utility for you, especially clothes and apparels, but it still might be beneficial for others. Recycling is the word of the day, and you can give your things to someone in need. You can even set up a store to sell them at an appropriate price, and you will be surprised by the number of takers.

Write a list before you go shopping and stick to it

How many times has it happened that you have gone out shopping and missed out on buying something very essential and instead spent a lot on unnecessary stuff? Well, you can avoid it by making a list of things you need, beforehand, so that your shopping is no more a disastrous one. Once you have the list, make sure you don’t deviate from it and try sticking to it as much as possible. This will give you an idea of your expense as well.

Pull out dryer sheets to clean baseboards

Baseboards need cleaning often, because of the dust that accumulates on it, and the best way to do it would be by the use of dryer sheets. These sheets are very effective against dust because they eliminate static and the dust can be effectively cleared off in a few minutes. Another advantage of dryer sheets is that it puts a coat on your baseboard which prevents further residual dust from accumulating on it for at least a week.

Keep an active shopping list

Your tools for cleaning are going to be the same throughout and once you have mastered the way of doing it, it is not advisable to change it. Keep a shopping list active and keep writing whatever gets over, immediately, so that you don’t forget about it later while

Making your final shopping list

Once you follow the tips mentioned above, you will notice that spring cleaning your house is indeed not a very time-consuming and costly process.

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