Dos & Don’ts for your marble flooring and counter tops

Marble provides glory and grandeur to your home. It looks stunning and can transform any dull area into an amazing space. Marble flooring and counter-tops can last for years but only if you look after them properly. Like anything else, there are also some Dos & Don’ts for your marble flooring and counter tops.

Marble is a sensitive natural material and can get damaged by conventional cleaning materials. Here are some dos & don’ts for your marble flooring:

What not to do:

  • Never clean marble floor and counter-tops with acidic cleaners like vinegar. Acid base cleaners (both homemade and commercial) can damage the marble surface.
  • Do not apply ceramic tile cleaners or any conventional floor cleaner on your marble floor. Such cleaners can dull the marble surface.
  • Never rub wire scouring cloth or pads like Scotch-Brite on marble floor or counter-top as this can scratch the marble.
  • Do not place any hard item like plant pots or any heavy item directly on your marble floor and counter-tops. Direct contact between hard material and sensitive marble could cause damage to your marble.
  • Do not let dust, water and spills sit on marble for long. It is porous in nature and absorbs spills possibly leaving a stain.

What to do:

  • Sweep your marble floor or dust the counter-tops gently with a micro-fiber duster. This is a simple and cost-effective way to keep marble clean. Place door mats in high traffic areas and protect your floor from dirt and dust.
  • Use mild soapy solution to mop your marble floor. Such soapy solution is mild enough to treat your marble floor with special care, as well as help remove tough grime at the same time.
  • Always use special marble cleaners. There are some good quality marble floor and table top cleaners available in market. Follow manufacturer’s instruction printed at the backside of the bottle. Some good quality marble cleaners are Lizol, and Mr. Muscle marble floor cleaner.
  • Dab (rather than wipe) any spill on marble surface with a soft cotton cloth. Blot immediately and clean the spill.
  • Ensure that any items you place on marble floor, like plant pots or furniture, are put on a rubber mat. This prevents direct contact between marble and your item that could cause damage.
  • Use the least amount of water for cleaning marble. Twist the cloth or mop tightly and remove excess water. Dry the marble immediately after mopping or wiping the surface to prevent a stain.
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