6 deep cleaning tips to keep your kitchen tidy and smell-free

Complete kitchen cleaning

Your kitchen witnesses a lot of action every day while cooking and meal preparation like oil and grease spillage, food particles slipping under stove, boiling milk overflowing from the pan, veggie getting stuck in sink during rinse, microwave walls getting splashed with curry while heating and the countless tough stains. This hidden dirt and grime that gets collected over time in your kitchen invites pests and germs. Therefore it is very important to deep clean the kitchen from time to time. There are some easy deep cleaning tips to keep your kitchen tidy that you can follow.

Deep cleaning is a step forward from regular cleaning. Routine kitchen cleaning usually involves few basic tasks like mopping floor, wiping work station and stove, brushing the exterior of appliances and other teeny-tiny scrubbing chores. But deep cleaning of kitchen is an extensive process where every corner, item, area and appliance in the kitchen is cleaned thoroughly.

Here are 6 deep cleaning tips to keep your kitchen tidy, germ-free, spotless and smell-free:

Start with your grease coated gas stove

Stove Cleaning Tips

Wipe off the gas stove top with a kitchen cleaner to remove tough stains. Remove the burners and clean them with warm water and detergent. Use a fine toothbrush to clean them precisely. Remove the control knob and wash them in the sink using warm water and mild dish soap. Let the burners and knobs dry out completely before putting them back. (Picture Source: www.spendwithpennies.com)

Sparkle the appliances inside-out

Oven cleaning Tips

Wipe all your appliances like refrigerator, microwave, oven, toaster, juicer-mixer-grinders inside out. You usually wipe down these appliances from top and front but there may be hidden mess inside, under and behind them. Move the appliances out of their spot and clean the food crumbs and stains from behind and inside out. A mix of Luke warm water and lemon juice is an excellent homemade cleaner for appliances.

Your microwave and oven are toughest to clean. Scrub their exterior and sides spotless using a cleaner. Spray cleaner or soapy solution inside the microwave and oven and let it stay on the oil and grease for few minutes. Now wipe down the surfaces with a cleaning cloth. For appliances cleaning guidelines refer to “Tricks to clean appliances”

Clean your refrigerator. Wipe off the interior and exterior of the refrigerator to get rid of grime and dust that accumulates over time. Use a good quality cleaner for your refrigerator. For complete refrigerator cleaning steps refer to Refrigerator Cleaning Guide

(Picture Source: www.tenderovencare.com)

Make that dull sink shiny & spotless

Stainless steel sink cleaning tips

Over time grease and water spots take away the shine of your sink and make it look grimy and dirty. To remove oil and grease sprinkle baking soda over the sink surface and scrub it with a damp sponge. Let it sit for a minute or two before you rinse it away. A mix of luke warm water and white vinegar is an excellent homemade cleaner to remove water spots from sink. (Picture Source: www.teknomek.co.uk)

Wipe the cabinets and shelves inside out

Tips for cleaning kitchen cabinet

Start with taking out all the item from the cabinet and other open shelves. Then wipe the complete cabinet (interior, exterior, walls, counters and corners) and the shelves spotless with soapy water and sponge. Use a fine toothbrush for hard to clean corners and nooks. Before you put the items back on the cabinet and shelves, throw away all the expired, empty and unwanted items. Finally arrange the cabinet neatly.

(Picture Source: www.stagemyownhome.com)

Grease-free the chimney, exhaust fan and light fixtures

Kitchen cleaning tips

Over time the chimney, exhaust fan and light fixture in your kitchen get soiled with greasy fumes and dust. Unplug the chimney and remove the filter. Clean the filter and chimney body with a damp cloth. Switch off the exhaust fan and wipe off the dust and grease with soapy water and sponge. Remove grime from the light fixtures with a fine damp cotton cloth. Let the moisture dry out before you turn on the power. It is recommended to call a professional cleaner for chimney cleaning. (Picture Source: www.cdn2-www.momtastic.com)

Clean and sanitize the dustbin and near by area

Clean your kitchen

Though you make sure your kitchen waste is disposed every day, you don’t really clean out your dustbin. Kitchen dustbin and its nearby area need good cleaning and disinfection. Wash the dustbin and the place where it is kept spotless with warm water and detergent. Finally rinse both with a disinfectant liquid and water mix. Let the dustbin dry out completely before you start garbage disposal.

(Picture Source: www.pad2.whstatic.com)

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    we all want a clean and healthy kitchen. But to keep our kitchen hygienic and neat and clean is a daunting task. The tips that you discussed here in this article will help us a lot to maintain our kitchen sparkling clean all the time.

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    I have been looking for ideas for cleaning solutions. Thanks for sharing those. That will help me get ready for cleaning soon. As Veronica said above, this will be my first time owning a home with a fireplace as well. Can’t wait to try the baking soda solution!

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    Most of the time is spent in the kitchen by women. Women are most concern about the cleaning of the kitchen but it is a time consuming process. Simple steps can be followed to clean the kitchen in less time. Homemade remedies can be used to wash the appliances and these take less time as compared to the chemical cleaner as they are needed to be handled with care and some of them take long time. Lemon juice is the most common home remedy that is used in washing the microwave. Before cleaning microwave, take out plug and then start cleaning.

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