Convert your silent walls into a conversation starter with 7 remarkable wall decorating ideas!

Painting hanging ideas on wall

To decorate a wall most of us hang pictures and photos it in a standard fashion like one big or some small paintings on a wall. This style of wall decoration is very regular and not all creative. Add a little imagination and creativity to your picture hanging style and give life to your serious walls. There are many wall decorating ideas these days that can add beauty to your walls, if followed.

Try these 7 simple yet innovative painting and artwork hanging ideas and give your standard old walls some glamour :

A story telling vacation wall

Wall decoration ideas

You capture beautiful moments with your friends and family during vacations and trips. These vacation pictures tell stories of fun time, happiness, joy, togetherness, exploration, expedition and so on. Make a vacation wall in your home by hanging beautiful and colorful pictures of your family trips. Turn the boring mute wall into an story teller art wall. Mix and match photo sizes, use colorful frames and create an innovative display of your fun filled vacations.

Similar photos together

Wall decoration with paintings

Hang lots of photos and pictures of similar objects on a wall like create a flower wall or bird wall or vintage car wall or whatever interests you. Create an innovative display of your collection and converts a boring wall into an art gallery.

Make statement with a family wall 

Family wall ideas

Display your family roots on the wall and bring the happy past to the present. Make a family wall by hanging pictures of your childhood, your graduation day, your kids, your loving grand parents, your parents wedding and other beautiful family moments. Mix and match photo sizes, use colorful frames, or display pictures in chronological order etc. Such walls can become the point of attraction in your home or conversation starter for parties and get- together.

Dedicate a wall to your artist kids

Hanging paintings on wall

Dedicate a wall in your home to your kid’s artistic work. The beautiful and colorful paintings your children make must be recognized. Pick an overlooked corner wall and make it the center of attraction of your home by hanging the colorful paintings that your kid/s made. This creative way of wall decoration will give your home a beautiful wall but more importantly it will boost the confidence of your kid.

Think out of box like mirror-mirror on the wall!

Ideas for hanging mirrors on wall

Why always stick to painting and photos? Lets do something new. Make a mirror wall or a colorful plates wall or a hand print wall in your home. Hang mirrors or colorful plastic plates on walls. This way your dull walls will come alive with bold energy.

A sophisticated staircase wall

Tips for decorating staircase

Decorate your staircase wall with artistic pictures. Pick a theme for your staircase wall like landscapes or skyscrapers. Instead of buying expensive paintings from market, click pictures yourself ,get them framed and group them together along the staircase way. This will give your home a complete royal look.

Rest paintings on shelves

Decorating paintings on wall shelve

Fix narrow shelves on your wall and put paintings and framed photos on the shelve. Mix and match large frames with small one or go for overlapping so that larger frames sit behind the smaller ones. This will give your wall a look of casual sophistication.

Whichever wall decorating ideas you choose to display photos and artworks on wall, each one will make a statement. Your walls will become the conversation starters for your guests. Whenever you will look at your family wall or kids wall, it will bring smile on your face. Do not forget to add new pictures to keep your collection current.

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