Simple terrace garden maintenance tips

terrace garden maintenance tips
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The terrace garden is the new trend in the cities to feel the warmth of mini jungle on your house amidst the daily hustle and bustle of modern life. You will enjoy an eco-friendly atmosphere at home. Not everyone is capable of developing a home garden on the terrace due to lack of space, those who can is lucky enough. A terrace garden is always bigger than a balcony garden, so you should make some effort to maintain it. It is a therapeutic experience to develop your own home garden. Let us talk about some of the terrace garden maintenance tips-

Basic things to take note of to get a productive garden year-round

You should take care of some primary things for the maintenance of your terrace garden. Two of the primary things to notice is the suitable space and the right size of containers to grow them, the quality of soil and organic fertilizers.

Get the right place to grow your home garden to receive proper sunlight. If you are growing plants which do not need sunlight when you can use a green shade net on your terrace. At the same time, the size of the containers also makes a difference in the growth of the plants. If you are low on budget, you can use your old baskets, milk bottle, water bottles and bathtubs as your containers. First, you must make them clean. It should have proper drainage system with holes.

Basic things to take note of to get a productive garden year-round

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Before buying your terrace garden seeds, you should be careful. You must check if they are 100 percent organic or not. Buy them from authentic manufacturers. You can search them online. Start with simple plants which do not need much of your attention and care, for example, methi, spinach, lemongrass, cabbage, tomatoes, onions etc.

Now you should get some gardening tools from the market like sprayers, shovels, composters, plant pruners, gloves etc. Considering the amount of space and budget, you can get a gardening kit online at an affordable rate for your home garden.

Preparing the soil

Use compost and manure in your garden soil. Nutrients are an essential thing for the growth of your plants. You will need natural fertilizers if you want to eat fresh vegetables from your terrace garden.

Compost is something which you can prepare for your kitchen waste, dried leaves and animal manure if you have an animal at home to produce that good bacteria needed for the growth of your home garden plants. Look for any pest attack on your plants and treat them on time.



Preparing the soil

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In your building, a proper drainage system is necessary for the better performing of your home garden. A small blockage can disrupt the whole garden and cause harm to the whole building.

For better visual effect in your terrace garden, you should use terracotta lights and lamps and all sort of fancy hanging lights from the market and decorate your garden.

Shrubs should be grown in your terrace garden as they do not need much space and maintenance. You can get artificial grass from the market to give it a natural look to your terrace garden. If you want a tropical feeling to your home garden, then you can grow palm trees as well, for example, the “Garden Palm”. Bamboos are also a good idea for your terrace garden, as they grow fast with minimum maintenance and provides a lush green environment to the whole terrace.

Patio furniture to bring an appeal

Then you can add garden furniture composed of natural stones & pebbles and create different structures out of them. You can create a pathway out of them for an easy access to your home garden. Creating a mini pond will take you to another level of serenity. Grow scented flowers like marigold, jasmine etc. to feel the presence of nature.

You can enjoy organic vegetables at home every day from your home garden. This will add to your health. Organic vegetables are what everyone prefers because of health benefits and to get rid of the effect of pesticides that is usually present in the vegetables we buy from the market. These terrace garden maintenance tips are budget effective and appealing at the same time.

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