Apply wall stickers! Give a new look to your wall !

How to apply wall stickers
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A wall decal is a familiar way of treating a wall in a beautiful manner. It is like giving a new meaning to your wall décor. If you are a student or somebody who is short of fund to buy costly decoration items, you can try your hand in applying a wall sticker to give a different look to your old wall. In fact, these wall arts are designed for the fast application, they are a faster-decorating idea to make your space as elegant as you can. Below is a description of how to apply wall stickers in no time-

The actual preparation

Find a space to attach the new wall decal you have purchased from the market. Look for empty space on your wall and which is ready for decoration. It can be an old wall or old windows anywhere at your place that needs a fresh treatment.

The actual preparation

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Take a measurement of the space you have chosen to apply the wall decal, thoroughly examine the decoration and colors existed in the wall and think about which color and layout will appeal the wall the most.

Decide your wall decal

You buy a wall decal which will best suit your wall. Comparing the measurements and your color preference, you decide the wall sticker. Try to choose wall colors which will complement the artwork.

Decide your wall decal

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Carefully inspect the size of the wall decal, as it must support the size of the space as well. Imagine about various design shapes that will suit the space and then finalize your wall sticker.

Cleaning of the space before applying wall decal

Space, where you will apply the wall decal, must be very clean, free from any dirt materials. Making the surface clean will help in the adhesiveness of the decal. Use a damp spongy cloth from your kitchen to make your space completely dirt free, you can add a small amount of soap in the sponge to wipe out the oil.

Cleaning of the space before applying wall decal

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Let the wall get completely dried before putting the decal.  

Adjust the decal in the wall

Check properly if the wall sticker is going to look beautiful in the place you have chosen to place it. Mostly a decal cannot be reused. Check if you are satisfied with the place. Otherwise, your wall decal will be a waste. First, temporarily paste the decal on the wall and see how it is looking and fit in the place. You can adjust until you are not satisfied with the position. Draw a line lightly visible according to the initial placement of the wall sticker.This line will guide you where to paste the decal later. Hold your decal in a flat position against the wall. Move the decal level ends in every direction until the time you see the air bubble come in center. Now again draw a line along the borders of the level to guide you in the final placement of the wall sticker.

Final application of the wall decal

Putting the wall sticker decal in the wall needs total focus and accuracy. Now paste the decal as much close as to the guidelines. Work slowly while adjusting the decal in the wall as it will help you to attain perfection in the process. Ensure a smooth surface by removing the air bubbles. If air bubble leaves untreated, they will interfere with the adherence of the decal and it will give an uneven look to the whole art.

Last but not the least, do not forget to remove the paper backing which comes by default to protect the wall sticker. As soon as you remove it, you will see the real effect of your wall decal.

Final application of the decal

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Now you have got some good ideas about how to apply wall stickers to give your wall a unique look in this festival season, do not wait, go and experiment it anywhere at your home!

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    Before sticking the decal, carefully consider the placement. Make sure the chosen spot complements the overall aesthetics of the room and is in a position where the decal will enhance the visual appeal.

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