8 simple and cost effective quick tips for organizing bathroom

Small bathroom organization tips

No matter how big your bathroom is, you will always have the need for additional storage space. There are many quick tips for organizing bathroom and add storage space. These tips will help you solve the storage issue and keep the bathroom neat and tidy.

Here are 8 quick tips for organizing bathroom that can change its look:

Use the space below sink and cover it

Pedestal racks for bathroom sink

Usually there is lot of unused space below the sink. In order to utilize this available space, place a pedestal rack under the sink and use it for storing toilet cleaners, floor scrubbers and brushes. (Image Source: www.cdn.interiorputry.com)

If you want, cover this area with an unused table cloth or bed-sheet. (Image Source: www.free-home-decorating-ideas.com)

Bathroom Sink organisation and storage ideas

Hang cane baskets on wall

Bathroom organisation and storage ideas

Hang few cane baskets on the wall and use them as towel storage. These baskets are light weighted and easy to install on wall. This is a great way to organize the bathroom and give it a little decor boost. (Image Source: www.jenniferpwilliams.com)

Suspend fruit basket in shower area

Simple ideas for bathroom organisation

You can create an additional storage space for your loofahs and lotions by hanging a multilevel fruit basket from the ceiling or shower curtain rod, in the shower area. If you do not have enough space in your shower area, suspend the basket in an unused corner and stock it with your toiletries.

(Image Source: www.pinterest.com)

Add hooks

Bathroom organisation and storage ideas

Hooks are simple and most effective way to add instant storage area in your tiny bathroom. Fix some hooks on the wall and hang your towels and cleaning brushes. (Image Source: www.pinterest.com)

You can also suspend a multilevel hanging from these hooks and keep items like ear swap, cotton balls, pins and clips. (Image Source: www.apartmenttherapy.com)

Bathroom organisation and storage ideas

Use night-stand or pedestal rack

Small bathroom decoration ideas

If you have a night stand or a pedestal rack which you do not use, then give it a new role in your bathroom. Use if for storing towels and stocking fresh toiletries. (Image Source: advicefromatwentysomething.com)

Metal holders or ceramic plant holders for storing appliances

Bathroom organisation ideas

Use your metal holders for storing bathroom appliances like hair straighter, curling iron, blow dryers etc. Keeping these items safely stored is very important. You cannot put them away in a drawer while they are hot. So hang a metal holder from the wall near your bathroom mirror and store these items. Metal holders are non-flammable which makes them a good choice for storing heated appliances. You can also mount some ceramic plant holder on wall and put your blow dryer, curling iron and other bathroom appliances.

(Image Source: www.pinterest.com)

Basket on hook for additional storage

Bathroom decoration

Hang a plastic or a metal basket in the corner for storing fresh toilet papers and other toiletries. You can also use it to store fresh towels. Roll the towel instead of folding them. (Image Source: www.remodelaholic.com)

Use the door

You should always make use of empty space on the back of your bathroom door. (Image Source: www.pinterest.com)

Bathroom Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

You can fix towel holders down the length. (Image Source: www.pinterest.com)

 Bathroom Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

 (Cover image source: www.stagetecture.com)

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