Ideas to decorate your terrace garden

Ideas to decorate your terrace garden
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Because of lack of space, people love to grow a garden on the terrace as we usually see in the cities. So, it is no longer an impossible thing to grow a decorative garden on your terrace even if you live in a tiny space. Considering your budget and the items you prefer in your garden, you just need to start carefully. If you have a balcony which does not receive proper sunlight, then you can use your terrace as your decorative garden. 

A garden is not always costly

A terrace garden is a lovely place to spend the evening. It leaves a serene effect on your mind while sitting there in the evening. Nowadays, with the availability of modern garden accessories, you can turn your empty terrace into a beautiful garden with minimum cost and effort. Within an affordable budget, you can develop a decorative garden on your terrace.  

You can have a decorative garden with simple floors, or you can use an artificial grass carpet reminiscent of a lawn. If you have a decent budget, then you can spend on wooden tiles to give it an aesthetic appeal. You can decorate your terrace garden with scrap wood to give a rustic and simple look. While this design will remain confined to the walls, it will help the terrace floor to stay clean.

Add garden accessories

In the railings, you can attempt to install a shelf or hanging flower boxes facing roadside to obtain more spaces. If you have a balcony you can use hanging decorative flower pots and baskets and you can variously grow different herbs, flowers and even get your own vegetable decorative garden over there.

Add garden accessories

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You can keep a small table with two chairs in your terrace garden where you would sit in the winter to enjoy the sun and read the newspaper and enjoy your tea, coffee in the morning. You can arrange steel rods like structure to give support to your climbing plants. Get some garden accessories from the market and display any artistic creatures like a statue, lanterns or candlesticks or beautiful pictures on the wall.

Lighting is a must

Arrange proper lighting in your terrace garden for the night. Get some plants which release scents at night, for example, jasmine. Choose light colours which you like at night. Use hanging lights to give an extra effect to your decorative garden at night. You can add tea light candles to give a warm feeling at night.

Lighting is a must

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Get sunny plants, for example, the citrus which grows fast if receives the sunlight. A sunny terrace or balcony is always the best place to grow your fruit.

Vegetable garden decor

Another way you can decorate your terrace garden is by growing edible plants, for example, you can showcase edible kale with wooden crates and it will give a pleasing effect. Green will dominate the space and these tiny herbs will help you in getting vegetables in the hour of need. Use small terra cotta pots to grow them.

By using hooks, you can display the hanging baskets or terra cotta pots. This will be a visual retreat for whoever will come to your decorative garden.The advantage of this décor is that if you use metal rods, it will allow smooth passage of excess water from the pots to down below. So it will keep your space clean by allowing the water to fall on the top down.

Introduce colourful pots

Use colourful pots in your terrace garden to brighten your space. You can choose lots of different fabric shade. Use different creative work of arts in your pots and place them well.

Introduce colourful pots

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The wood on the terrace floor should be matching to your wood in outside home décor. They should complement each other by blending well. A net around your balcony or terrace will keep the flies or birds at bay and keep your garden safe. Also, you can enjoy fresh air and a wonderful view by leaving your door open.

Functionality aspect

While decorating your terrace garden, one thing you should always look for is functionality. You can add a tablecloth and a vase to give this terrace a small café like atmosphere. You should bring your indoor objects to this terrace garden and give it an indoor feel. Bring floor pillows and a blanket to your decorative garden to give it a personal effect. Get bamboo chairs and use rugs and make it an ultimate space to enjoy and relax.

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