7 simple ways to make your small home feel roomy and fabulous

Small space decoration and organization can be a challenging job. But with the correct techniques you can make your small home feel roomy and grand.

Here are 7 tips for decorating and organizing your small apartment to make your small home feel roomy:

Choose light weighted and right shaped furniture

Pick furniture that complements your room size. Go for sleek and skinny designs so that the room does not feel crowded. Say no to boxy pieces.

Go for furniture that does not block your view from one area to another like a glass center table. Settle for furniture that has visible legs. Leggy furniture create a sense of space and light, making the room look more open and airy. (Image Source: www.ontrus.com)


Shape of your furniture plays a vital role. If your room is small to accommodate a rectangular dining table, place a circular dining table in a corner. This shape fits perfectly in the space and can still seat up to four to five people. (Image Source: www.architect-wiki.com)


An L-shaped contemporary seating arrangement running along the window is a smart and sophisticated choice for small spaces. Just add a coffee table in front and few sleek arm chairs on sides to complete the look of your small living room. (Image Source: www.pixshark.com)


Pick neutral colors schemes for walls and upholstery fabric

Choose neutral colors (white would be the best choice) throughout the room. This way the space will feel more expansive. Light and white colors reflects natural light better than dark colors. Dark colors absorb most of the light falling on them and make a room look smaller in size.  So paint wall in light shades like white, off-white, cream and other cool tones. For ceiling use reflective and metallic finish paints to increase light reflection. (Image Source: www.decoist.com)


Select light color for upholstery. Light colored fabric makes the room look less filled. Adorn your furniture with bright cushions and pillows to counterbalance. Heavy fabrics like velvet, absorb more light which can weigh a room down. (Image Source: www.homester.com.ua)


When selecting curtains for your room, make sure they’re the same color as your walls. Sticking to the same color tone will make your room look bigger. Another trick is to go with sheer drapes. (Image Source: www.styleathome.com)


Increase brightness level in your room

The amount of natural light or say brightness plays a very important role in enhancing the look of small homes. It brightens up the room and brings out the beauty of the home. There are various ways by which you can increase the brightness level in your room and make it look bigger. Refer to “7 simple ways to maximize natural light in your home”. (Image Source: www.thehandmadehome.net)


Go for secondary storage items

Small homes are short of storage. So when the spaces is that tight, it is important to pick items that are multifunctional. Find furniture with storage included. Like look for tables with drawers and shelves. (Image Source: www.remodelingguy.net)


Ottomans with room to slash small items can be a good choice: (Image Source: www.pixshark.com)


Bed with drawers and side storage or a tall bed that can hide stuff under it: (Image Source: www.realhomesmagazine.co.uk)


Utilize corners and area under staircase

Make use of corners effectively. Decorate corners with wall shelves. Corner shelves are space saver and provide extra room for storage. You can also put a small writing table set up and convert the unused corner into a study section. (Image Source: www.sharps.co.uk)


Consider adding floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. This will make your ceiling look high and will provide storage space too.

(Image Source: www.apartmenttherapy.com)


Utilize the unused space under the staircase for storage or for recreational purpose. (Image Source: www.img.dooyoo.co.uk)


Use your walls

Placing a flat screen TV on the wall is a better option than placing it on an entertainment unit or on a furniture. When you place your flat screen television on the wall, you free up the interior space for additional furniture items. Instead of floor shelf go for wall shelf. This will free up some floor space in your room. (Image Source: www.modernmom.com)


Pick the reflective accessories and decor like mirrors on wall


Hanging mirrors on wall is a great way to open up a small space. Mirrors create an optical illusion and make the room look bigger. Also mirrors increase the amount of light in a room. Hang mirrors on wall opposite to window. This will double the amount of light streaming in the room. You can also add several decorative mirrors on the walls of darker corners in the room. This will lighten up your gloomy corners and make your small home feel roomy.

(Image Source: www.thevisualvamp.blogspot.com)

(Cover Image Source: www.cdn.freshome.com)

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