Installing a ceiling fan: things to keep in mind

tips on installing a ceiling fan
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A ceiling fan is one of the most basic requirements and necessities for anyone in the world. Especially in warm countries, it is impossible to imagine residential places as well as commercial buildings without ceiling fans. But if one is not careful during the installation process, then the functionality and benefits of a ceiling fan may be impacted. This is why we have brought to you a list of the things to consider when installing a ceiling fan.

1. Location is the prime factor while installing a ceiling fan

When installing a ceiling fan, the location is one of the most important factors. Where you place your fan in the room determines the effectiveness of it. Try to find out where the fan should be placed to distribute equal amounts of air in the room and only then get it installed.

size of the ceiling fan

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2. Do not forget to give importance to the size of the fan

The bigger may not always be better. For example, in smaller rooms, a small sized fan can also work appropriately and installing a bigger one may not be a good idea. Thus it is important to check the size properly before getting a ceiling fan installed.

3. Do it yourself or hire a professional?

People often face the question whether they should install the ceiling fan on their own or hire a professional for the job. There are many who do it themselves but they often have more knowledge than others and may take help from someone. However hiring a professional can help you get the maximum out of the fan. Thus it is better if you look for a professional to do the job for you.

4. Three speed ceiling fan

While installing a ceiling fan, you will have to take a decision on the number of speeds it should have.  It is best to get a fan which has an option of three speeds.  In such fans, you have the option of changing the speeds according to your requirement and you can vary it whenever you want conveniently.

5. Consider the height

Another thing to consider when installing a ceiling fan is the height on which it will be mounted. A height of 8-10 foot is generally considered ideal for the installation of the ceiling fan. This height helps distribute the cool air properly.

6. Keep safety measures in mind

If you are doing the installation work yourself then it is important to be extra careful about it. You must read all about the proper installation before doing it and be cautious about electrical wires and connections. Also, make sure the ladder you use to mount it on the ceiling is firm.

Installing a ceiling fan may seem like a basic process during construction or renovation of the building but must not be taken too casually. Remember these tips during the process to get the perfect installation done.

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