Granite countertop maintenance tips and tricks

granite countertop maintenance
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Granite countertops are one of the most stylish countertops for your kitchen and even bathroom.  Not only is granite beautiful and elegant looking but also durable, tough and long lasting. Eventhough it doesn’t require too much maintenance, you must work on it once in a while to make sure it remains shiny and beautiful looking for a long time. There are certain cleaning and maintenance tips that everyone who owns granite countertops must follow. The following are a few of them for your reference.

1. Use a neutral cleanser to clean granite countertop

One of the first and basic things you can do to clean your granite countertop is to use a neutral cleanser on it.  Eventhough it is a durable material, you must avoid using harsh or acidic cleansers on it. You can use a pH neutral soap with a soft cloth to wipe down the surface on an everyday basis.

2. Wipe the surface regularly

Besides using a cleaner or cleanser over it, you must wipe down the granite countertop after every use so that dirt, dust, grime and food particles are not left behind.  This helps to preserve the surface and extend its life. Infact, you can also clean the countertop with a cloth dipped in warm water to kill all the germs that might be present on the surface.

wipe granite countertop

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3. Clean the spills immediately

Another tip to keep granite countertops clean is to blot any spills immediately. For this you can either use a soft cloth or paper towel. It is advisable not to wipe in this case as liquids can spread around the countertop.

4. Avoid putting hotpots or pans on the countertop surface

Granite countertop maintenance tip also includes not putting any hot pots or pans etc on the granite countertop surface. Granite can withstand high temperatures and may not get damaged but constant heat or change in temperatures can harm the surface. You must always make use of coasters before placing hot pans and other utensils.

5. Remove oil marks using baking soda and water

If you wish to remove any oil marks from the granite countertop, then you can make use of baking soda and water for this purpose.  Make a paste using the both and then slather it on the oil marks. Let the paste remain on the marks overnight and then wipe off with plain water dipped in a cloth.

6. Disinfect the countertop using water and alcohol

It is important to disinfect the surface as well.  For this purpose, you can make a solution of water and isopropyl alcohol and spray it over the surface. Let the solution remain on the surface for 5 minutes and then remove it. Rinse it with water and a cloth.

Granite countertop maintenance is important to get the best results out of the material. Thus follow these tips and never face a problem.

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    In essence, following these guidelines diligently ensures that granite countertops remain both aesthetically pleasing and durable. Regular upkeep prevents potential damage and helps maintain the elegance of these surfaces for years to come. Great advice!

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