Causes of microwave not working but has power

microwave not working but has power
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Every kitchen these days is dependent on one appliance and that is the microwave. A microwave does several tasks that you would have otherwise done on the flame or gas. Thus it makes things easier for you by cooking or heating food through microwaves or electricity. But in some cases, your microwave may stop working but still have power. In such situations, you may need to check the main cause or reason and then approach the problem with a suitable solution. The following are the main causes of microwave not working but has power.

1. Problem with the line fuse

The first and main cause of microwave not working but has power is an issue with the line fuse.  If more than required current flows through the microwave circuitry then the line fuse will blow.  To find out whether this is the main cause, you can make use of a multimeter for continuity.  If there is no continuity then you will need to replace it. You will also need to find out the reason why the fuse blew in the first place.  It is better to contact a professional if you wish to replace the fuse or any other part for that matter.

2. Problem with the main control board

Another potential cause of microwave not working but has power is a problem with the main control board.  Sometimes the main control board may become defective but before you check the main control board, you will have to check all the other parts first. Once you have made sure that the connections, wirings and other parts of the microwave are working fine, only then should you check the main control board. The board can be checked by first accessing it and then using a multimeter. If it comes out to be defective, you can replace it.

Some of the Control Boards available online :-

  1. GE WB27X11081 Microwave Control Board 
  2. GE WB27X11158 Microwave Electronic Control Board 
  3. Frigidaire 5304472840 Microwave Main Control Board 
  4. Goodman PCBBF112S Control Board 
microwave not working
Image Credits: Sunny Appliance Repair

3. Problem with the thermal fuse

Another problem that can come up in a microwave is problem with the thermal fuse. The thermal fuse cuts off power to the appliance when it gets overheated.  If you wish to find out whether the thermal fuse has blown or not, you can use a multimeter.  If you find that there is no continuity, then you may need to replace it. However if there is continuity, you may have to check for other potential cause or reason.

Our Pick

Recommended Microwave Thermal Fuse Thermostat:

  1. General Electric WB21X10148 Microwave Thermostat

  2. Samsung DE47-20060A Microwave Thermostat Switch

  3. Frigidaire 5304464094 Microwave Thermostat Unit

Now that you know the main causes of microwave not working but has power, you can replace the part at fault so that the appliance starts working again. But one must remember that even after unplugging the microwave, a lot of volts of electricity still remains inside and trying to replace parts can lead to electric shock or current.  If you are facing the problem of microwave not working and are unable to find a good electrician for the same, you can get in touch with one through Mr Right services.

If you want to Do It Yourself, we have some recommended tools and equipment for you:-

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Multi-purpose Multimeters :-

1. KAIWEETS Digital Clamp Meter T-RMS 6000 Counts

Klein Tools 69149 Multimeter Test Kit

Multi-purpose Tool Kit:-

  1. DEKOPRO 168 Piece Hand Tool Kit with Plastic Toolbox Storage Case 
  2. Dedeo Cordless Hammer Drill Tool Kit, 60Pcs Household Power Tools Drill Set with 16.8V Lithium Driver Claw Hammer Wrenches Pliers DIY Accessories Tool Kit
  3. BLACK+DECKER 12V MAX Drill & Home Tool Kit, 60-Piece (BDCDD12PK)
  4. WORKPRO 156-Piece Home Repair Tool Set – Daily Use Hand Tool Kit with Tool Bag

Soldering Kits:-

  1. A-BFastiron Electronics Soldering Iron Kit, Welding Tool for electronic repairs and DIY 
  2. Soldering Iron Station Solder Kit – 48W 110V Soldering Tool Set Temp Adjustable Electric Welding for SMD/PCD/DIY
  3. Soldering Station With Additional 5 Tips

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